Etching Copper Pipe and Blanks with Zentangle Stamp

I decided to use my zentangle stamp and copper pipe for etching
(stamps are available at my etsy store  - check out left side of blog )

I found that cutting to size before rolling was harder - so I found leaving ends long enough to hold while rolling made it easier

I put a magazine under the stamp so it gave it some flexibility 

Once completed I let dry and then cut the ends off 
I prepped the stamp 

I placed the blanks onto the stamp and then removed and let it dry

Put into the etch 
Once etched I punched holes as these are going to be earrings 
I decided I did not want just flat earrings but rolled

Using a swage tool 

I started at the largest 

bent the earrings to the angles I wanted 

I found a really great sealer - its thin enough to dip and to apply and spray - really impressed with the bracelets I did with them (I'll have to post those seperately)
I did liver of sulpher and cleaned up the earrings and dipped them 
they dry very quickly 

going to have to play with pipe some more - enamelling -   I've been wanting to etch copper pipe and make beads and enamel them - so that is almost close to happening 




  1. Combining zentangles and cold connections? Sign me up! Cool stamps! Please tell me more about the swage tool. That's a new one for me. Looks interesting!

  2. Metalliferous carries the exact same bending block as the one I have

  3. Who makes the zetangle stamp? LOVEEE it! Rockin Robin

  4. I make the stamp - available on etsy - 3 patterns to choose from

  5. I am missing something... you rolled the pipe in etching, cut the ends off, and the next pic is the blanks. Did you cut the blanks out of the pipe? I'm asking because I would like to try this but my brain is not comprehending the full procedure.

    1. My thoughts too- fantastic technique- but what happened to the pipe? I wanna seeeee!

    2. I rolled the pipe on the rubber stamp that had staz on - used it as a resist
      there is another blog thread that shows how

    3. I love all of your ideas and creativity. I have just started working with copper tubing. Besides the patina, I would love to try your methods At times plain is okay, but these are spectacular. ty for sharing.

  6. Pipe got etched next day - seperate blog thread on the pipe

  7. then what did you do with the pipe?

  8. was making into capped end beads but still a work in progress

  9. was making into capped end beads but still a work in progress

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