Coming out of Hibernation........

Hoping the weather is starting to change and that adding a bit of heat to the studio will allow me back up with all my tools and equipment
Hate not having access readily to my work stations - I could bring things down to the house (all items that could freeze are already down there )  but dragging tools and equipment back and forth is such a pain.

Started the weekend off right and went to Ottawa to teach an enamel /lampwork class and totally got enthused with such wonder students and Grace is always a most wonderful hostess

I need to make more 3x4 etched copper for my etsy store  and for orders this week and get them out and posted - along with possibly some more items to my etsy shop this year

So...... long weekend coming up - the days are a bit warmer  so I could go up and tidy a bit in the studio in preparation for going gung ho !  I so cant wait  - lots of things going on in my brain - now to evict them and get them into real projects

Wubbers Bangle press - finally ordered one

I lucked out last week - got an email they were back in stock and ordered the large bangle press
just checking looks like maybe their all gone again
I bought the large  press so waiting to check it out and see if I want to get the small one later
cant wait for it to come - wont be here till next week

Enamel Lampwork Class in Ottawa - The Glass Shoppe Studio this Sunday



Play with the Thompson 9000 series enamels for COE104 glass - these enamels can be used to enhance your backgrounds - create textures - and pop your color palette

Get in touch with  Grace at the Glass Shoppe  as seating is limited - 

The Glass Shoppe is a great place to learn Lampworking as well - Grace has wonderful beginner classes and great teachers coming for workshops 

Rough cut - collars

Finally went to studio last night and cut myself a couple sheets of copper
one sheet 24g  and one sheet 36 gauge

I outlined the collar template on the copper with a sharpie pen (in this case silver)
and then cut them out with scissors - yes scissors
the 24g was a bit harder but scissors are easier to use than the big shears and the small hand shears are hard to manipulate -  the wrinkly one is the thinner material - and teh one on left is the 24g - thick enough to be sturdy- light enough to wear and manipulate

 they are roughly cut

and I will go over the edges with the throatless trimmer  - I got a princess auto - reasonable priced - you can nip away and get really nice curve cuts from it easily - as I said I could probably have cut this even better with this cutter than with scissors
Hoping I can get up to the studio tonight - hopefully not too cold - hence why I chose to cut with scissors last night in the warmth of the house

now that I have them done I will sand the edges and ensure no burs - then flatten  best I can and then stamp them with patterns - I have an idea of what I want to do  so by the weekend they should be in the etching bath


So to start my year off I decided that to get the juices flowing - I'll be doing an enamel class in Ottawa  on the 29th - looking forward to getting excited

but at home  I have started the first step to making collars that I was going to  make up last year but never got too - so this weekend will be spending cutting and filing and etching copper to make some  Neck Collars -  designs of course will be from  my own rubber stamps as I need the large size to stamp the designs onto the blanks

first step is to make a paper pattern to follow - if correct then I will make in a vinyl material and be able to write on so I have a more permanent and sturdy template

so  step 1 - create the template
I just took a piece of paper  and folded it and then cut out the  design - fitted it around my neck to see where it hung and trimmed to fit

Its not exciting  as yet but its a start
tonight I just may wander to the studio to grab some 24 g copper to cut it out - this design was originally  thought out when I did the last years  Bead Soup Challenge
the 24g is easy to cut  and manipulate - the curve in the pice was done with just my fingers and as I worked it - work hardened the piece - so looking forward to making this prototype collar up this weekend - once I figure out sizing etc  I'll be jumping in with both feet to make them up with a variety of surface designs 


Sewing/Embroidery Work Area partially set up

After the Ikea trip last weekend - I spent saturday night assembling my table and drawer units and just love it - of course had to clear and clean the area I wanted it to be in upstairs on the landing
Its part of the house that needs some wall reworking but I can deal with that later - but was so pleased when I set up my embroidery machine and sewing/embroidery machine - lots of natural light as well as lamps I bought at Ikea -  now I can play and be organized

Just need to buy a piece of plywood to put over the stair top handrails to create a great cutting table for patterns etc... - keeping things condensed and out of the way  but easy to work with

My grandaughter got a new t-shirt - trying out patterns




Play with the Thompson 9000 series enamels for COE104 glass - these enamels can be used to enhance your backgrounds - create textures - and pop your color palette

Get in touch with  Grace at the Glass Shoppe  as seating is limited

Already March !

Well its already March and I have not been able to get anything done - recovery of my house after my daughter left  and a full time job have kept me so busy -  I need to order some materials in and get started on some projects - copper etching, some wirework, some lampwork etc..   Its all getting past me so very quickly

Hopefully the weather changes and I can get up into the studio soon - maybe by end of March - to get started

The closest I've come to some type of craft is to do easter eggs this weekend  with the grandkids
Using the PAAS dies as well as the Pysanky dies - was going to do some drop wax eggs but never got to them 

Happy little gilr making eggs 

My older granddaughters Pysanky egg (wax and dipped ) 

My Pysanky egg -  getting back into the swing to make eggs 

I even got enthoused to bring out the embroidery machine and download some patterns and make a t-shirt for my younger granddaughter 

so maybe this will help me get going on some items to make up 

I need lots of bracelets both 1" and 1/2" made up 
as well as lots of beads