Tempered Glass - filling and firing on molds - all one firing

I originally thought posted this - but I think it was so many times in Fused Glass Fanatics I forgot to actually post in my blog

How to fill the molds

this example used a 12" round mold but any prepped mold will do - mine is coated in kiln wash

I keep a large brass hamer in my bucket - I just every once in a while crunch down to ensure that the glass is in the small cube size - not a big problem if not - you just crush or pick out of the mold if it finds its way into it

I use the the betty crocker  stir fry scoop (from Dollarama)- its wire with larger openings enough to let any glass powder and small shards drop back into bucket

I pile into the center and around

I then push with my fingers to the edges using the tips of one hand and sometimes using the back or open face of the other to hold at the edge

the center starts to clear as I push most of it to edges -  check for one layer thinner areas and just pick and move a few pices and lay there - I do this randomly - no pattern - I find it works best that way
do not let ;hang over - its cleaner if they are within the mold

then scoop more to fill the center and spread evenly - its sort of two layers  but not on top of each other

now its ready for the kiln

firing schedule

5 segments

300/ hr  to 1000 hold 20 min
300  hr to 1450 hold 20 minutes - modified to 1465   4-20-17
9999/fast to 960 hold 60 minutes
150  hr 700  hold 0
9999/fast to 350  hold 0  (this only if in cold area)

this has worked extremely well for me


  1. Thanks for this, saw the post on fgf..

  2. Just curious. Where did you get the glass?

  3. I know I am replying to an old post,but if this helps others, we pickid up a 20" x 40" piece from a resale shop for $5. They would be crazy not to work with you on price. Good luck!!!

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  7. You used clear glass, but technically you can use any bullseye glass, correct?

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  9. Hi, can I just checkered?are the temperatures mentioned in Fahrenheit or Centigrade?
    Many thanks Annie

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