Engraved Zentangle Dichro Sheet #2 - grinding the edges

Ok so all of 20 minutes went by and I ended up grinding the edges - I have them in the sink with water running over them to get the colours come out while I take pictures - these colours will this vibrant when fired
they just get flat when they dry - and then when firepolished they become shiny again

I really like the little ones for earrings /or small gems - not sure yet - I made pairs by size as obviously they dont match and that is the way they should be 

so now both sheets are cut and ground ready for firing 
weather is supposed to start warming up this weekend - I'll take anything over 35 degrees 
once we reach 45  I cant wait to start opening the studio 

Engraved Zentangle Dichro Sheet #2 - Cut and ready to grind

I got home early enough and decided to slice up the 2nd sheet of 6" x 6" engraved zentangle dichro

got it cut up and decided to do some smaller pieces for earrings  or maybe a bracelet

If I feel up to it I'll grind some more tonight as I want to have them ready to fire this weekend 

Sand Tapestry - getting ready

After participating in the  webinar I am ready to go  -             have my vertical forms  ready

to make the vertical pattern bars I need to take some of my fibre kiln shelves  to make the one for the vertical form
a full back shelf is used and the three 1/2" width pieces are glued around the edges and you tape a clear to the front to hold in the frit till you fill - then put the 4th end to keep the frits tight and take off the clear glass and fire right on the kiln shelf form
I'll put it together and show you so it makes sense

to test the forms I previoulsy tried using coloured sand (suggested at first so you dont waste frits )(the above sample was sand)  of course I'll have to empty it out and clean the form when I want to reuse it with frits for firing
found it at craft store -
I also bought some pointy metal to work the sand into designs

I also can use some of my mandrels as well

as you know I am a bit of a hoarder so I have lots of sand

and lots of frits

and good news is most are powders and fine frits that I need for the projects

Webinar - David Alcala - was great

So many ideas from the webinar -   I really liked it - I can sit and watch and ask questions and never leave my couch -

Davids web site is : http://www.fxnglass.com/fxnglass/Welcome.html

There is another webinar tonight :

The webinar started at 8:30  and the first hour went really fast with how to use the Flexi-glass medium
making paper thin sheets of your own custom designed glass for cutting or punching with paper punches, making threads and using as a paint medium  -
Making pattern bars with the vertical glass form and then firing.    It was really interesting and great to see hands on - questions I didnt think of were brought up by others
this pic is a combo of making the pattern bars using  the vertical form that you put the frit in along with using the flexi medium to create/paint the trees onto the pattern bars- these are samples from David Alcala
the full pattern bar was probably 6" x 6"  and rows of the landscape pattern was done on top of each other (hope that makes sense) and then cut into long pieces to make the bracelets - then the black images were applied with the flexi medium  -  and then fused - multiple
Making the vertical pattern bars really makes it easy
There is obviously more to it  but if you visit his site and watch some videos and purchase his ebook would make it clearer

One good thing about the webinar is that in 7 days they send you a link and you can watch it again - gives you time to purchase or put things together etc...  

and in my case get to watch the last 40 minutes -   I could not beleive it - I fell asleep !  just before 10pm  and woke as they were signing off at 10:30 -  was not too upset as I knew I can watch it again when they send the link - wasnt that it was boring but I  did not get any sleep the night before went to bed at 11 and woke at 2am and could not get back to sleep- worked all day  so was dead tired.  

so I hope to start working on this - maybe this weekend I want to create some pattern bars like he did for pendants first then maybe some bracelets - cant wait

David Alcala - Glass Patterns Quarterly Webinar

Just waiting for 8:30 and my Webinar to start -   been waiting for this - I cant get to a class so this is going to work just as well  - if you have not seen what he does take a look at this - frits - and also using the liquid glass medium is going to be amazing -

Grinding edges for Zentangle Engraved -Etched Dichro

I was able to grind the edges and putting the black frame around each piece - so they are ready to be fire polished  (they are shiny because they are wet - as when they dry they dry looking like they have a white haze over them ) once fired they will be shiny and the edges will be smooth and shiny

Cutting Engraved Zentangle Dichro Tile with Slab Saw

Pretty long title - but I find if I put as much description in the title people will find it when searching -  I hope - like me others are searching on how to do something and want to be sure they find it .

The slab saw was brought in and sat on my counter - I had archery on Saturday and a fun tournament on Sunday so I planned on cutting Saturday night- but as all plans go they change -  babysitting my granddaughter became the plan .   so I did not get to it till Sunday afternoon -   I only cut up one 6" x 6" tile
I mentioned I like doing the tiles this size as it give me a bigger canvas to work on and the dynamics of the pattern flow through the piece and when cut up  are more random looking

The slab saw is  a Hi-Tech Diamond Slab Saw with 4" cutting wheel - (I also have the larger version 6" cutting wheel  - same make )

Just be sure to have lots of water in the well while cutting  -
I typicall cut the piece in half and work my way through cutting up into pieces - this time I went tried and true straight cuts and I'll use the grinder to smooth out edges or shapes from the squares

(not great pics - once again my phone - I know where my camera is but could not find my sd cards  till I woke up this morning with a brain storm of where I safely put them )
I took the sheet and sliced it in half and then each piece in half again till I had strips 
then cut them in to cubes 
this is not always the way - I could cut triangles , odd sizes etc.
in the end I cut some long pieces as well for longer pendants 
In their raw form - still need grinding of edges to create the black frame and shape 

the edeges will be ground smooth and a rim around the edge to create a frame will be done from the grinder 

scrap from cutting - I might be mssing a few (probably still in water well of saw 
I cut the edges as close as I can - why?  because when fused the edges were slumped and I want clean deep squared off edges for my pieces .  this saw is really nice to work with

I am going to trip up to the studio tonight and grab my grinder and also cut up my other sheet (Have about 6 more sheets of other dichro capped glass to cut up but may wait on that ) 
If things go well I might even fire them by the weekend 

The Slab Saw is in the Building !

As soon as I got home I went up to the studio and grabbed the slab saw so I can cut up my 6" x 6" sheets of engraved zentangle.

After my archery tomorrow I"ll cut it up -  I am a step closer

Still nothing.....but soon

Yes - still not much happening on the craft front - good intentions of going to get my equipment and start but it got cold out and just did not want to trek back and forth to the studio for equipment

But...... this weekend I have to get my slab cutter and cut up my zentangle dichro sheets and start my Bead soup project -  have it all drawn out and know what I am doing but need some tools and things so I'll have to get that started tonight - although I really cant show till we do our reveal on April 6th

Danielle- Pleas email me so I can mail out your prize from February

and I promise to post March give-a-way by Sunday  - again I need to trek to the studio to choose it .

Update ......

Not really doing much - worrying about my bead soup getting to the UK - my partner just has to check out a package today - so hopefully its there and that will make me feel better

Danielle - my winner for February  Give-A-Way -  Please email me with your information so I can mail out your prize.

Will be posting the March - Give-A-Way this weekend so come back and visit and get your name in
Once I start these I'll add one new rule - that you can not  win two months in a row -

I have been mulling over what I got for my bead soup and I think I know what I am going to do (of course I cant show you till the reveal April 6)  but I can tease you till then.

I need to cut up my zentangle engraved slabs I hope this weekend but I have my Granddaughter and we are going to Archery on Saturday and I put her into a Kids tournament on Sunday for fun.

I am taking Monday off as a vacation day so that is probably when I'll get a few things done (maybe even clean my house)

So stay tuned - were gearing up to start to do things now that the weather is changing and getting into the mid 30's

Not sure where you guys are but I love getting up at 6am now and its not pitch dark  - although that may change with daylight savings time

Looking so forward to spring ! and reopening the studio - during the winter I tend to run in and out leaving things on tables and dumping new items to put away when spring comes


Everyone entered into the Coffee/Tea Cup this morning - I wanted to do this first thing as I really need a Tea today to start my day

The winner is--- drum roll......

 who also seems to be part of the 7th annual Bead Soup Party  - I like to visit people who comment on my blog - their  blogs

Danielle - If you could email me your information for mailing to :   dread@deborahread.com and put give-a-way winner in the subject  I'll get your prize out to you asap.