Its a go for this year -  The Purple Turtle Festival craft show  at the Briars   located at Jackson Point Ontario  will be held on July 9-10th and the Application has been sent  - its been  3 years at least that I have not done this show (possibly 4) the last 2 due to COVID and the previous was exceptionally busy at work.  But I am going to get my A## in gear and get making and building inventory for this show and possibly others later in the year.  So dont miss it  - put it on your calendar 

http://purpleturtlearts.ca/   Check it out 


 My one new commitment is to  start blogging again and to start blogging again means I need to start working in my studio and craft room on a more frequent basis 

If all goes well  I should be finally able to do a show in July and to do that I need to make a lot of things in preparation.

I already contacted  the Purple Turtle committee to make sure I get a spot ,  bought a new pop up tent  for the show.

In preparation I thought I would look back at that long list of things I wanted to get done  in 2020  (yes 2020 ) 

1. Create a Vitrograph kiln and set it up - I purchased all the fixins for this years ago and have the kiln so just need to build a set up to pull from - NOPE Totally forgot about this almost right away but I may work on this project in 22

2. Clean up and get all my daughters boxes  stored to the back corner - almost did this last year - enough so I could walk around the studio 
3. Get all my books and magazines (that are in totes from my downstairs room that got taken over by my daughter )  either stored/stacked to back of studio or get some bookcases  to get some of them out and accessible - I moved them around but they are not truly accessible but I know where they are 
4.  clean up my Pen turning equipment area  (I left it a mess during the winter ) Ughhh no  - this spring for sure 
5. Clean up BIG kiln area so I can get in and start fusing - yes I cleaned it all up and now I have filled that area again since winter 
6. Clean up my wine bottle area - its overflowing with bottles - sort of  still needs work 
7.  Work on Some PMC Clay - nope
8. Do more steel etching plates- nope
9. Do more copper etching - earrings, pendants, bracelets- nope 
10. Make more recycled glass Plates (round and square  min 50)- nope
11. Make more recycled glass candle holders (min 50 )- nope
12. Make more fish  large and small-nope
13 Make more cats regular and  fat Paddy-nope
14 Make more lamp work jewelry  (bubble necklaces min 10)-nope
15 Paint and finish a tiger  or any other painted  project -nope
16 Make painted beads-nope
17 Make more turtles -nope
18 make more dragon eyes-nope
19 make more hearts-nope
20 Make more  ceramic  pattern sheets for fusing-nope

pretty much  no to all the list althought I did make an attempt last summer - but its gung how from this point on 

reworking my indoor craft room - new storage towers and tables  so I have access to my bookcases and better storage  I hope to be 1/2 way done this weekend  excited about the new  mobile storage towers  for paper and  materials 

so keep coming back - I should have new things posted soon 

Scrapbook - Handmade Album - Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Album 

Handmade from scratch - binding and center and pages  - did all the outside binding etc  and then added paper 

Not finished but almost - got a lot done at my  retreat at Younique  Scrapbooking Retreat - so much fun and relaxing 

the cover has the title - if you can see the rabbit is a bit 3d ish with layers - the clock was a die cut out and layered to create a more 3d look  same with the works - so cut about 4 layers and glued them togeterh and added  metal corners 
The Binder consists of  6 pages and 6 inserts - I love the pattern of this album - lots of space 

Inside cover  - the queen is covered in  enamels and there are pocket tags 

front of first page on right is tie down 
the front of first page is a fold out 

front of fold out 

inside first page fold out 
2nd and 3rd page fold out 

back of 1st page and front of 2nd page 

back of 2nd page front of 3rd 

back of 3rd and front of 4th 
back of 4th and front of 5th 
back of 5th and front of 6th 
 lost count it seems I think this is actually back of 6th and back of album
back of album before  fold out 

loved making the mirror - have a mirror frame mold and made from epoxy 

put this cool pull flip  cant remember which page 
here it is closed 

Still have some finishing touches to do  


Stained Glass Class - Havnt done stained glass for a while

 Have not done  in a while and not something I do regularly on my own either .  Getting out into the COVID world is great  and taking a class 

I was a bit over ambitious a bit  more than maybe I should have but I did it  (not finished yet )

chose a pattern outlined it 

Started cutting glass 

 I liked the red but wanted to add something 

painted and fired the end pieces 

started to come together 

Had to refire two of the red pieces as they didnt fit tight enough  ( put it together wrong ) 

did some soldering on one side 
this space resierved for  after firing piece and soldered 

this spot reserved for final glass image 

Sublimation - Multipage print for T-shirt

 Eventually would like to try a full t-shirt print - I have a 15 x 15 press and I made a carboard  support for the t-shirt so that I can print at least the 13 x 19  print on a t-shirt - but I went with something almost  20 " wide and  24" long .   I created using word  for the size I wanted -  then used something called Posterazor  that splits up the  lage image to print on multiple sheets of 8-1/2 x 11  with overlay so you can piece them together - with the sublimation - you wont get lines when you print if matched correctly 

So I printed using various sizes  8-1/2 x 11 and  11 x 17   - was pretty easy for that part - when it came to pressing that was the challenge to manipulate that huge piece of cardboard around as you pressed 

assembly using heat tape - had to do some trimming to make the pattern match but lots of overlay to work with 

 fully assembled (I think 6 sheets ) 

after pressing - was really happy 

Sublimation - Epoxy cup - Ice cube topper

 A group of us were doing a cup exchange and I wanted to try the  lemonade - with ice cube removable topper -  was fun to make 


did the lable and back label sublimation 

Then I tried the  dawn dish soap application with yellow for the back ground 

then I did a coat of resin with some glitter to sparkle it up 
Made the topper using  a car cup mold and set fake ice cubes in the resin and stacked them and put a slice of fake lime  on top 
when dry I dripped a little more resin for  sweat effect 
then when dry put magnets on bottom and on top of cup  so it can be removed 

then sent it off to my exchange partner