Shrink Plastic - butterflies

 Picked up some  eyeshadow for colors to apply - they seem easier than using the distress inks and are more vibrant it seems - when you reduce  the color gets stronger as it shrinks - The original size of the butterfly was 2.5"  and it reduced down to 1"  - I used  a black Sharpie and used the eye shadows for color 

Shrink Plastic Fun

 I have had Shrink Plastic  on the shelf for years and only  tried it out last week and boy how did I miss this fun.  I had seen on  Tik Tok some  flower earrings that I just had to try .   So I started  cutting by hand and did some cutting on my  Scan N Cut cutting machine.  Colored with Distress Inks  and just love making them.   

 started with simple things  
then started putting the leaves and buds together 

ton of fun making these 

Handmade Silcone bead Keychain holders

 Been busy making  these Silicone bead  handy keychain holders to slide over your hand  to carry your keys 

Working back into glass

 Busy making glass Christmas ornaments for upcoming hand of man show end of October 

Gnomes, Santas, Reindeer  and  Flower  Sentiment ornaments 

Pysanky retreat - July catch up

 I have been so busy  reclaiming the studio  got away to a Pysanky retreat - leaned to  color shade eggs - and really love doing it 

Catch up 1 - laser earrings

 Since setting up propane have been reclaiming my Studio. So many things to do - Ive  done  laser chicks and roosters I needed for my July Pysanky retreat 

Next step - fresh propane

 Picked up the propane last night  and installed  the gages and hoses. Checked for leaks (none) turned on the oxy cons and set them .

Sat at the torch  and lit it  POOOF.   Decided I needed to melt a little glass  just to get the feel and made a tiny turtle - (I dont usually do tiny)  I want to make about 25 pairs of  turtle earrings  and 25 pendant size turtles  and some large  turtles .  My list is growing for what I want to get done before next show in June. 

So ready for this weekend - I may need some heaters - I bought a large one that is supposed to do my full 25 x 30 space  so I may have to take the time to install that this weekend 

tiny  turtle for earrings