Getting More Laser Cut Earrings prepped and packed

All colored ready for UV Resin coating
All coated in UV resin and set 

all asembled with niobium ear wires  and packaged 


Mothers Day is coming up

12 x 12  roses  in shadow box 

12 x 12  roses  in shadow box

12 x 12  roses  in shadow box


a week of visiting studio to lampwork

 Made a bunch of lampwork beads and  hearts - hearts are all boro  

Busy Busy Busy

 The weather is slowly changing and trying to get into the studio to work - Some Lampworking was accomplished with small boro hearts to go onto byzantine bracelets.  large heart pendant beads  and other glass lampwork.  A scrapbook crop and got  some of the Mothers day  paper heart shadow boxes done along with cutting some  laser earrings. Hoping this weekend more time in the studio  - Hooking up new Kiln I got in November and getting my big kiln running to make plates - Hopefully  more postings this year 

Mothers Day Shadow Boxes

 Valentine/Mothers Day  Shadow Boxes - make with paper  rolled flowers  in the shape of a heart (I have a dog one coming soon) 

Phrases will be going on to these for mothers day when I get them cut 

2 Hours in the Studio - still cold

 I went up to the studio in hopes of lampworking.  I refuse to turn on the big heater  until its warmer so I can use my big kilns - (Hydro is costly )  The outside was  42F  start temp  inside was  47F  and by the time I finished it was still only 57F only my feet were cold .  But I was able to make up some larger boro  heart pendants and some spacer beads. 

Hoping as it warms up I can stay longer  and longer and build more glass stock. 

Laser Cutting this week

 Started to laser cut for earrings to get stock up  - Grinches, Sally & Jack, Stictch & Angel, Garfield & Odie to start