Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inexpensive Jewellry Press - Making my own

I am accumulating tools and silhouette forms so that I can form metal -  much like the bonny doon equipment
getting some of the silhouette forms from PotterUSA  and going to order some pancake dies as well
with the cost of shipping etc... the presses are really expensive and as much as I love tools I just cant see spending the funds
PotterUSA shows you can use an arbour press - modified to use his tools
see video :

I found this in the Princess auto flyer I received today  for their sale next week and I'm going to grab one
  Your saying - thats a log splitter Deb -and you would be right . 

  Now just imagine if I turn the  "V" plate  upside down and add a thicker plate (not sure if  I need to yet)  and drill holes on the side to position the top plate -  close to the jack plate -  -voilà I have a fixed top that I can jack up against and use the silhouette and pancake dies on - and its portable ! - with wheels so I can put it out of the way - they are selling for 119.00 plus tax - far less than ordering one from the USA  plus shipping , duty (if any )  and brokerage 

cant wait to grab one and try it out . - by that time my silhouette dies  from PotterUSA should be here
I got the jumbo 3" size dies (I like big) and the 3" 95 durometer urethane on the way
You tube video :
Jumbo Heart 3inch dieJumbo Trillion 3 inchJumbo Circle 3 inchJumbo Rounded Square

I want to order some of the pancake dies - these are dies that you put your piece of metal in and press and it snaps and cuts it
here is an example of the die
You tube video:
another one :
Pancake Die 613 Puffy Heart 2

More information on these dies can be found at PotterUSA


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