Pulling out the hydraulic dies and boxes

Thank you Rosemary's Clay  (if any of you have not visited her blog please check it out - full of wonderful stuff) I pulled out my hydraulic dies and boxes  (actually had a 3x3 box made a while ago and after seeing  Rosemary's in use  ordered 2 of the  3x3 urethane , intensifier sheet, liquid bur life  and they are on the way
 I have the bonny doon  small round one that fits the non conforming dies which I only have one and I have 4 of the Potter round dies  and some of the urethane round pieces for that set  - lots of strips of brass textures to use in the rolling mill -  so getting prepared
I need to get some 1/4" plexi to make my own patterns  still and I want to modify my big press to fit all this  

Only about 1 day left for the April Give A way

Dont forget I will be drawing for the April Give-A-Way on May 1st (not sure if first thing in morning or late in the day but it will be done

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Play Beads

I wanted to keep at  it - getting up to the studio and dong something
so I played at a few beads - was a bit lazy - just used colors on my table (which I have a lot) except pink - evidently I dont use pink a lot but needed a tongue - so it was coral and the orange on the monster is so dark its hard to see - and used a darker trans blue for eyes than I normally do - I havnt made monsters in years -  so next one will be better - the orange was bubbly  forgot how it  acted (lauscha orange with white core)  and played with lentils again - smaller about 1" this time

Lampwork Lentils and Etched copper bracelets

Was a lovely weekend -  started early Friday afternoon with a visit to the Creative festival  where I totally enjoyed just walking around and not in a rush to leave - something I dont do ... enjoy myself
loved doing the parchment embossing - at the show you got to try and of course I bought some to take home - have some from before but these are quite interesting - from S.A.R. (some assembly required)

Got home and relaxed and visted the grandchildren

Saturday got up early and put the heaters on in the studio - its still hovering around 32/zero here  at night and mornings -   so started warming the place up -  cleaned up the house  and brought  more stuff to studio and started organizing -then went food shopping -  my daughter came over with two little ducklings they are going to raise  (was told lucky as she was looking for goats and they would have resided at my house )
I then had dinner and finally went to the studio at 9pm    sat down and made some 1.5" lentils  - these are for some necklaces and bracelet ideas I have in mind - but also just to play - I was in the studio from about 9pm to midnight before I came back to the house and bed
1.5"  with ivory/silvered ivory and transparent colors on top 
also etched some zentangle bracelets - saturday as well (these pics show all uncleaned as yet) fresh from baking soda bath 
worked on some roller stamp bracelets 
was a great day 

On sunday  I got up early 
the studio was nice and warm  and started more bracelets 
Using the roller stamps for these designs - the big 2" wide I was able to do as I picked up the handle at the creative festival  
so now they are all done and I just have to clean, bend and seal 

I also sat while the bracelets were etching  (2 batches on sunday) (2 batches saturday) 
I worked on more lentils 
the blue dot was one I just played with  but I think I know what I want to do with those ones 

spent more time organizing and putting things away  but need more boxes  so a trip to dollar store is needed 

a very good weekend -  will be better as the weather gets better too...

Wonderful Weekend of Fun- Lampworking - copper etching

Friday night started with a lampwork session and got some beads made

Granddaughter wanted a sleep over and in the morning we made lightning bugs

Then I dropped her off and came back and started some etching of bracelets
used some other stamps -in this caseone with butterflies 

after etching- washed and neutralized with baking soda 

cleaned up ready for bending

 today  I bent and sealed them

got about 16 completed with another 8 to clean up - but I had fun today with some rubber stamps that I have had for years - they are roller stamps - round stamps that fit into a hand held roller
so I cleaned my copper and prepped it - rolled the roller in the staz on  and carefully rolled it across the blank copper

I will have to do more - was totally fun 
cleaned a couple and sealed before I ended the day  - 6 more to go 

I wanted to create a new display for the bangles and came up with the boxes- still not sure

I think I can get watch boxes that are similar - white with clear cover and I can put them sideways with same idea of the folded card inside - but that will be for next week 

Putzing around the studio

Just putzed around the studio last night  sorting through beads and things I bought during the winter from ebay and such - organizing and cleaning

was contemplating  what I want to do with my "eye"  - I started making with the hole at the corner so I could put a crystal tear drop - I just have to see what I want to use to connect - as I'm not impressed with the jump rings as yet - maybe a bit of chain......


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Good Day on the Torch today

Yes got up and finally went to the studio -  spent the day Saturday helping pick a prom dress for my granddaughter  - but today was a really good day in the studio - was so warm  I only had to wear a t-shirt - and by mid day turn off the heaters -

Made the bodies for the cat heads , a nude and finished an eye  along with not sure what else  they turned out to be

was happy with the eye  and have a bunch of painted irises ready to make more 

OOOPs - No torching

After pushing out a semi frozen to the ground 500lb round bale of hay last night I was bushed already - it was cold and rainy so I went back to the house and never made it to the studio - so I broke my run on the studio am at 4 days max so far  - -  will restart it again tonight  and spend as much time this weekend doing some things - more etching and lampworking is in store - hope to keep at it every day now that the weather is really breaking -

4 Days on the torch- but a short one

Yes I made my way up to the very cold studio - 4 days in a row - I must keep at it  - if I do it every day I wont make excuses -   31F°    0C°  could see my breath - a bit too cold ?   yes - I put two heaters towards me but still a bit chilly
only did two  beads before giving up  -  I forgot the body lentil press for the cat bodies in the basement so that took my focus away as well  - was raining this morning so did not go up to the studio to retrieve the two beads - tonight for sure and will post  -  were supposed to be on a warming trend - rainy but warmer - weekend some sun - so will keep at it.

I did get some new toys to play with -

Pancake dies (feather) from Potters USA 

 I just have to set up the press and I can use my new pancake dies -  Rosemary's Clay -  has pretty much the same additions as I do  so I keep my eyes open for any new toys she gets to see the results  - if you havnt visited - take the time to go to: Rosemary's Clay   amazing  things to see !

If I get time I'll be posting some fresh etched copper 3x4 sheet on etsy today

3 Days on the Torch - The start of a trend - I hope

Yes  another trip to the Studio last night -  I have in my mind that I must go every day now
The temp was warmer - a toasty  51F ° or close to 11C °  that's about 10  whole degrees warmer than the weekend - plus I have a heater in the vicinity of where I am sitting - plus  sweater and fleece top

Last night I had a bit of a plan - then ran off as my daughter needed me to readjust her satellite dish
Almost just went into the house ......but

Then back to the studio where I turned everything on and started - I wanted to see what the yellow color looked like so made a sample bead - then off on a tangent of  7  Fat Cat - kitty heads -  tonight hope to make matching bodies - I want to make at least 25 by the weekend and then I can move onto   10 - Fat Cat - Fat Paddy's

Two Days in a Row - Lampworking - new record for this year !

O yes I took myself back up to the studio last night -  was chilly again - turned on the heater close to me and sat and torched -  and yet again -  my mind was blank - I need to go to the mini studio in the basement and bring up some things - like my main mandrels , dipping tray and dip to make more mandrels up as well as some other tools I took down

but I did a few last night  -nothing special - again just practicing  and got bored with the big lentil - so no decoration

Actually Lampworked on Sunday ! Yeah

Proof that I sat down and torched for a little while -  I keep saying I need to carry a little book with me to write down what I wan to do next time I sit at the torch - cuase iit seems I have all these great things I want to do - then I sit down and my mind goes blank ! I did a few things - they are soaking and waiting for me to come home - ran up to the studio at 6:15 this morning to turn off the kiln and grab the beads - really didnt get to see what they turned out like

Copper Etched Neck Bangle, Copper Corset Ring

After Easter breakfast and dropping off Easter goodies to the grandkids - I came back to the studio - I put the heaters on before I left  - it was till cool-  44 F  or  almost 7 C -
Worked on the  etched collar some more - still trying to think of how I want to finish - maybe some wire wrapping  - dangles - not sure - kept hammering at it to shape it - decisions decisions

Then I decided time to get on the torch - and worked for a couple of hours on some beads
I put a small heater near my legs to keep warm - not too bad - but  going to keep working in the studio if I can  this week  no matter what the weather - I needed to practice and figure out what I want to do in the way of beads for finished necklaces and bracelets

Then I decided I wanted to make a copper corset ring - so proto time again  - cut up a scrap piece of copper, hammered and put some holes into it - annealed - -  a bit messy but next one will be better - a little straighter on the weaving

More Etch Copper and Working on the Etched Copper Neck Bangle

Finished the 3 x 4 copper etched pieces  for an order and to put up on etsy

I put the necklace into the etching solution 

after its out and washed 

cleaned up with the dremel and sand paper 

started bending with just my fingers  - the 24g is very malleable 

tomorrow I"ll figure out what to do next with it - this is the proto for the neck bangle design 
could have dangles just dont know yet 
but at least I got into the studio between babysitting, easter shopping - I got more done in last two days than probably all winter 

Friday was a good day at the studio - etching copper sheet

What an absolutely lovely day - and made my way to the studio to start to do some more clean up
My daughter came and got the washer and dryer that were at the front area- freeing up some more room to move around

while doing that  I decided to etch the copper sheets I needed for an order and to put up on etsy
so I got my sheets that I had cut the other day, and flattened
sheets are cut  3" x 4"

I used hot hot water and soap and used a scrubby to clean the oils that were on from the manufacture of the roll and my fingers 

once cleaned - handle only by the edges  as you dont want any oils from your fingers (although they were clean during the cleaning processing )

Next I need to stamp using my zentangle full size rubber stamps - available on etsy 
the stamps are about 8-1/2 x 11"  
In this case its my sheet pattern #2
 I use the Staz-On white (only by preference the other Staz-on work as well )
I buy the kit that has extra ink as it does dry out quickly and you use a lot when stamping the large stamp 
Once on then carefully apply the 3 x 4 sheet of copper hold down tight - try not to shift it  - and I push all round the edges with one hand while the other holds in place -  the stamp pad  ink is sticky so as you push down it tends to hold in place 
then when ready to pull up - hold down one corner and pick up from opposite corner and lift carefully 
clean up is easy I use some thinner - to clean up - this is my original stamp from a few years ago 
dont worry  if you get any fingerprints on the back while stamping - that will clean off later 

set to dry 
Next is apply the packing tape  - I got the 3" wide from uline that I find does not leave as much glue as others - so easier clean up later 
I apply and then  put into etching solution- The glass tray is on a dollar store cookie sheet that sits on an electric grill - set to WARM - cant have it too high 
this solution is from last year and I cleaned out the old material and heated it back up - I put in some fresh - not much - once heated I put in the pieces for etching 

while waiting I stamped my big necklace I want to make up 

About 1-1/2 hours later I pulled out of etch  and rinsed and set into backing soda to stop the reaction
(be careful when rinsing - not down your pipes ) 

the first three done 
I sell them as unfinished - I clean up a bit and then put into plastic bags 

so I  finished about 12  on Friday - only a few more to go then I can do the necklace \

close up of #1 
the first 6 go to the UK for an order but the rest I hope to have up on etsy this weekend