I'm Back - Almost a year

Over the past 2 years I have fallen behind in my crafts as well as blogging -  I have decided that its time to get back to  work and get some crafts started and my stock up for shows for this Year .

I  Have been playing with paper over the past few years and still enjoying it  and using my cutting machine.

So the first new things I have been creating are  Custom Resin cups - sprinkled with glitter and customized with images and sayings. 

to start I bought  (with 55% discount coupons )  3 of the We R  Spin Its   and  one off Amazon turners for the cups - as they must turn while you resin so they get an even coat of resin

(in the end  I had to modify the Spin its - because they are terrible to try and keep a cup on them and unable to really do the 30oz cups well )  If you look on you tube to how to upgrade your spin it  they have all the details on how to  fix the problems .

The First Cup  I did - I tried to keep it simple and follow some you tube instructions

I used modge podge as the base flue and put the glitter on -  then I sprayed it with a clear sealer - did another coat of modge podge and sealed it again -  then I put a layer of resin (ART RESIN)  and added some chunky glitter to it - let that spin and dry

then I sanded any  sharp parts (some were created by bubbles - I did not use a torch or my heat gun enough to pop  the bubbles that come to the surface )

Then I applied the  final coat of resin   and ta da  - my first cup was for my Daughter an 18oz cup I got at micheals  - reg 8.99 I got for 50% off
Was very happy with the results -  the glitter I got at michaels as well with coupons  (the spin it brand is great ) 

then I made another 18oz for my grand daugher with what she wanted on it 

Of course micheals had no more usable 18oz cups so I happened upon 30oz cups at Dollarama and started buying them up - Bigger is better - right -   I like a big glass of water or drink  so I ended up with almost a 100 cups 

The next cup I did the same method - here it is on a spiner drying 

then I made a custom sports cup for my daughter  for my grand daughters ringette 
its a ringetter silhouett with her nickname and number  and the other side of the cup  is  logo and number 

then I made my other grand daughter her nightmare before christmas cup 

I watched more videos and decided I needed to make a peacock feather  cup only this time   a different technique - spray painted the cup white and blue then you apply resin and sprinkle the glitter into the resin - let dry - apply the words and designs (in this case feathers)  then do another layer of resin 
(my friend took this one so I customized it with her name 
on the spinner- first coat resin over painted  white and blue cup

with feathers 

Next using the same technique it was paint the cup  a yellow gold - (this is so if anyting shows through you dont notice - so I sprinkles all gold holographic glitter on 
let that dry 

then I add stickers (I just happened to have extra red so I made them in red ) hexagons to represent the honeycomb and the drips at the top 
after I do that I spray the cup white  let dry and then do  alcohol inks   and use a clear sealer - then I peel the stickers off and it becomes a peek a boo cup  you can see the the original base glitter through where the stickers were

Next I put my words and my  water slides of bees onto the cup 

then it is sealed with one final coating of resin 

So right now  am making a 2nd bee cup ,  two more ringette cups and another feather cup  - so busy busy busy 
New techniques to learn - I may have a shipwreck, a stripe this week to show 


as soon as the weather warms up I need to clean up my studio and start fusing and doing some lampwork to get ready for July show