Purple Turtle Festival Craft Show

Had a really  good time for my first outdoor show - it was blazing hot on Saturday - I bet at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun - I was in the shade but sweating buckets.  Brought lots of ice and water
Sunday was still hot and humid till about 1pm where we had a drizzle then sun and then about 3:30 it was overcast again and rained lightly - then cleared by the time we were packing at 4pm .  We evidently got off lightly as some areas around us had downpours 

we put up the shade that says - up in minutes - wasn't to bad I bet it took us 10 minutes but next time it will be faster - they give you only 3 basic instructions on the box

we got it up and put a sheet to the back to keep the sun off our backs - no wind what so ever 
was nice to have 8ft of table (two tables - 1 x 6ft and the 2ft end of a table) to set up - made a big difference 

my last minute bracelet display 
my dichro pendants to the front - lampwork flowers, more pendants in display stand ups and then my big fish to the back - I brought beads as well but for this show it was all about finished goods 

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