Stephen Leacock Museum Show -

I was so rushed getting things done I decided to pack in the morning as I only lived 20 minutes from the venue.  But I should never do that -  I got up early packed - and came back to the house and studio 3 times before I finally was on the road to the show.

Was a lovely day in Orillia - right by the water and kind of funky seeing people dress in period dress of the early 1900's -  They had an old fashion band and an afternoon tea at the actual Stephen Leacock Museum    there was a small gathering of vendors and the weather was lovely

I got my shelter up and my sign in a nice shady area
Etched Bracelets, earrings - and large glass fish 

dichroic glass - more fish and etched necklaces 

etched pendants, more dicro, and lampwork flowers 

I always worry I dont have enough but then I can always fill the table 

The only problem was that the museum did not do any advertising or included any information that there would be a craft show on the Sunday so sales we almost nil as hardly any people were there 

But I am prepared for the next show 

Ranger Patina's - not just for copper

As you know I have been using the Ranger Patina to get those vibrant colours onto my etched pieces and then dipping them in Permalac EF to seal them -
Last weekend I was trying to finish bracelets and earrings for my Sunday - one day show - I usually keep my hands pretty clean but I was in a rush so I was not cleaning between things I was doing, cleaning copper, stamping copper, etching copper, cleaning copper, sanding copper, coloring copper.  My fingers looked like the rainbow !

Finished Etched Small Disc Copper Zentangle Bracelets and Necklace

I stamped 60 pieces of 1"  copper discs with my zentangle pattern from my rubber stamps
After etching 60 pieces of the 1" discs .   5 per tape load and 6  loads per etching container ( thats two etching sessions)  I had to clean - my most un-favorite part

But once done I was able to color sets to match pendants and earrings as well as make a full disc necklace

I love the colored sets - I put toggles on as I find they are easier to manipulate when putting on a bracelet - and on one end a bit of byzantine as part of the extender
I made some with just liver of sulphur 

 Then I took some of the liver of sulphur discs and made a necklace

All discs were cleaned using penny brite, then sanded with dremel and split mandrel and sandpaper (be careful - because these were smaller than the pendants I tended to let the lap from the sandpaper hit my finger - which sanded down my skin and made it bleed.  Didnt really hurt but the damage was done by the time I realized what I had done - so I put a bandaid on and continued to work) 

Etching Multiple Small Pieces

I like to use packing tape and stretch it across my glass container - I find the floating Styrofoam cumbersome  and some more expensive to use - double sided tape is more expensive than regular packing tape.

If you put more than one piece of copper the pieces tend to bend in the center  so I wanted to be able to put 5 pieces of round copper to etch  so it needs support.

I found the easiest and lightest pieces are those foam nail files you can get two for a dollar at the dollar store.
They have foam centers and are just long enough to fit into the glass container - if not I could cut very easily

I tape my copper pieces as usual then place the file on top and put another piece of tape.  Voila - lightweight and supports the pieces and lets them sit in a straight line on the surface of the ferric chloride
so I can make 30 of the etched pieces at a time 

Another tip - as you put your taped pieces in just write the time you put it in so you can gauge when you should check it - sometimes I've forgotten when I put in - although I just check the piece visually 

Etched Copper Bracelet - Colored

Thought I would test out color on a bracelet

Etched Copper Pipe - Rings

So I have some etched pipe and figuring out what to make right now - want beads but I didnt have time today - so I cut one up and made some rings
not finished - cut with a pipe cutter - could use a saw but I have no patience - I'll finish them this week.
This particular size pipe is about a 9

Etched Copper Hearts

I etched some hearts and formed them as well - getting them prepared to be put onto cards

six more to go and I'll be done - these ones will also be colored to match some of the earrings 

Etched Copper - Colored Pendants and Hearts

Spent today making more pendants.  Wanted to make the colored round pendants to match earrings
Using the Ranger Patina's and putting two colors together

New Etch Pendant Necklace

I was finishing up the etched pendants and decided to add a Byzantine chain.

The first one is an 18" chain with one of the pendants

The second one I took a larger pendant (3") and added 1-1/2" discs  with Byzantine chain.

I also made a bracelet to match 

Twisted Copper Wire Bracelet

Playing with 10g copper wire
Twisted and flattened  - something Im working on - Have to work out the ends and making it an even ply.

Etched Copper Pipe - Small diameter

Again playing with pipe - I had some of the small diameter coiled copper - you can pick up at home depot

I used my Zentangle rubber stamp
and put on the stazon
I crimped the ends like a Pixie Stick  and stuck it into a long container of Ferric Chloride 
Once completed I cleaned and bent and cut the ends 

Not sure what next but I have some ideas

Etched Copper Pendants

Finished my two dozen earrings with the etched formed and patina'd with liver of sulpher and dipped into the permalac ef

 so now onto  two dozen etched pendants

I took 2" copper circles and used my zentangle stamp and applied the stazon
Into the etch bath

Used acetone to clean off the tape glue and the stazon - then cleaned up with some penny brite.

I then used liver of sulpher to patina (make sure you use hot water , I am using something new a product called Grobet  Liver of Sulphu Extended Life Gel - Its a premix gel you add a dab -add your hot water. I use a cue tip and soak it and drag it down the piece - I get some nice colors .  Once applied when done wash off and dry.   I then used my dremal and sandpaper and cleaned the raised surfaces and back.

 punched a hole -

 I had to switch back from the hand held hole pliers (which I broke) to the  heavy duty hole punch - which I beleive is the best hole punch of all - I have one of just about everything and this is easy to use - less power of the hand necessary etc... I put it in my vice  (bottom handle) and I place my copper piece precissly where I want it and tap with my hand down - hardly any pressure

Once the hole is in I dapped them for effect using my Pepe large dapping set

I put a piece of copper wire in hole and dipped into the permalac ef to seal and hung on a rod to dry

 (I apply two coats)

Still Working on 2 dozen Etched Copper Earrings

Getting close to finishing the two dozen - but the studio is so hot and humid.

  I decided to change from store bought ear wires to handmade but I only had sterling silver  rather than fine silver. A little extra work removing firescale but worth it - they look much better.

still using the Ranger Patina's - love them  and they are dipped in the Permalac EF

The final ones I am going to use liver of sulpher to patina - I also bent them on the former  so tomorrow I'll finish them off 

Etched Copper Zentangle Earrings

Finally got all the earrings etched - the final 18 sets.

Started cleaning -

If you are working with copper - one of the best cleaners to make it easier is something called Penny Brite -
(forgive the terrible pics - it was so hot in the studio I was rushing)

 it does what it says - I use a toothbrush and just dip it in water and then into the penny brite and lightly scrub - you dont have to do too much more than that - then just wash off - especially when your making zentangle patterns - this cleans out the areas that have been etched out very easily
I still use the dremel and sandpaper to take off the stazon and it smooths the surface and takes off any burs
very dark and patina'd (before penny brite) 

less than a minute later - bright as a new penny 

I finished them all rather quickly (needed to I had sweat dripping off me from the heat)

I decided to mix  the colors of the ranger patinas just to see what would happen 
I lay it on heavy so that I get it in all the grooves 
I put a drop of one colour and then another - then used the cue tip and dabbed till it was covered 

 Then I used my dremel and sandpaper and sanded the raised areas  (terrible pic) but I liked the results

I forgot to punch holes so I put them in and cleaned the backs and dipped into my permalac EF and left them to dry - I'll dip in the morning again  and put on my earring findings.  I think I am going to change the store bought ones for silver wire ones that I will make