Shrink Plastic - butterflies

 Picked up some  eyeshadow for colors to apply - they seem easier than using the distress inks and are more vibrant it seems - when you reduce  the color gets stronger as it shrinks - The original size of the butterfly was 2.5"  and it reduced down to 1"  - I used  a black Sharpie and used the eye shadows for color 

Shrink Plastic Fun

 I have had Shrink Plastic  on the shelf for years and only  tried it out last week and boy how did I miss this fun.  I had seen on  Tik Tok some  flower earrings that I just had to try .   So I started  cutting by hand and did some cutting on my  Scan N Cut cutting machine.  Colored with Distress Inks  and just love making them.   

 started with simple things  
then started putting the leaves and buds together 

ton of fun making these