Thursday, August 8, 2013

Using - Stainless Steel Washers - putting on PnP

Next Step - make up some stainless steel washers using PnP as opposed to stamping with staz-on  (the staz-on seems to deteriorate more on the stainless steel during etching)

went out and bought some washers in different sizes  - stainless steel at a RONA (similar to Lowes or Home Depot )  spent all of 3.40 with tax

I cleaned the surface of the ones I wanted to put the PnP on - needs to be free and clear of oils etc.. same as any other application
I used my dremel and sandpaper and then some windex just to be sure all material is cleaned off 

Prep the Heat press - plug it in  and use some Dry waxed paper so I can move it around when pressing (I press  then open and shift around so I get good contact ) 

I place my clean side up washers on the paper 

I choose my PnP patterns 

 and I cut enough to fit over - the group -not going to cut out individual pieces
PnP is face down on washers

 then cover with additional sheets to protect and to give a cushion on the surface
(you can see where I did a bunch of bracelets the same way - it left an impression in the paper)

Now at this point I messed up and didnt check my temp - I had left really high for t-shirts and should have turned it down 
they came out but over cooked so a lot of the wax from the PnP was melted off 

so I have to clean off the washers with some naptha and start again - not a big deal  just took time
I'll have results on the weekend (if not friday )  and then they will go into a fresh batch of ferric to see results
I'll post the additional finished PnP product here rather than a new thread -

So on Friday I cleaned up the washers and redid them on the heat press
You can see them stuck to the PnP after heating

Nice clean crips application 

and you can see why I put down a backing sheet to catch the extra over run of the PnP so it is no on the silicone backing of the press 

Off the paper and you can see the size of the washers to the penny 

even the sheet has imprints of how much pressure is applied by the press when heated 

ready for etching

Next week picking up the silver solder /from Casell to see about brasing them together  - could be interesting and give me and hopefully you some new ideas


  1. Wow! that's amasing! could you tell me where I can by some PnP please?

    TY for this DIY!

    1. I get it from a company in the states - you can do any designs you can print - teckniks- see left hand side bar for suppliers