Torch Enameling - Another Test

So I found my favorite torch head - Bernzomatic TS4000 self igniting torch and found this will be the one I will use for classes

found my trivets and my tripod and screen  and proceeded to grab two round copper pieces - one larger than the other
put a couple of holes in (do this first as you cant do it after firing) with my hole punches and  cleaned the copper (keep your fingers off the cleaned part if you can)  and then sifted black on one side . (I did not use any Klyr fire for this project ) Klyr fire is a product that help the enamel adhere - but if you don't need it you don't have to use it   The first side  or back (called counter enameling)  I put directly onto the mesh as there is no glass on the back of the pieces
 with the torch right under neath - Less than a minute later - I only want to go to orange peel as I will be hitting this with the torch after again - I am trying not to have the enamel pull away from the sides - which is an over fire 
Let cool - the other side has what is called firescale that needs to be cleaned off - 
using a simple emery file I cleaned off the fire scale and the edges - I like to keep the edges clean after each firing - you could leave to end but then its your choice 
after cleaning I sifted a different color on each piece  and now it has to go on the trivet  - if you set  directly on the screen it will stick as the counter enamel will melt  - move your trivet to a corner of the screen 
torch from beneath again till its smooth 
You can use a firebrick  sitting on a can with your trivet - you just want access under the piece for the flame 

(I partially dropped the small one and hit with the tweezers -  so it has a flaw) but being a tester I was not too worried . they came out great - finish by using the emery file around the edges to clean off the fire scale

see the orange is perfect the red has a bit of over fired  but that is because I knocked some enamel off the piece 
voila - not great but I accomplished what I wanted - to know what I need for tools and materials for the class 

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