Got to play in the basement studio

Went down to get christmas tree box  and got diverted in a good way
made a few beads just to get started- I filled two large yogurt containers last year with beads - lets see if I can make more than that this year

In - The Flow - Magazine

I havnt seen it yet  just the cover  but it shows a tutorial by me for the painted beads

Christmas Stocking

Its not glass , metal or a bead - my granddaughter wanted a "Frozen" Christmas stocking and I went around everywhere - in November ! thinking I was not leaving till last minute - but everything was sold - ads at walmart and I ran right over in the morning - all gone
so I bought an inexpensive stocking at walmart for $6 - white with sparkle snowflakes - I figured that would be a great background
I found an elsa and used the t-shirt transfers to put on -  thought it looked boring so I went in search of figuring out how to do her name in the "frozen" font  (which is called Oliver)  so many free font sites plus I found one that did a step by step on how to do the name using the font and another online program for making logos going back there to make one for my web site and the blog -  then I went and found some blue snowflakes  and ironed them on - viola ! a custom made stocking - and she loves it

Early Reflections on 2014

I looked back to December 31, 2013 to see what I had written - if any for resolutions for 2014

Dec 31, 2013
"I find that 2013 went by so quickly  and reflecting back I did not get the things I wanted to get done in the way of crafting - so many unfinished and never started projects .  I was going to make a list but  having a list jut reminds me of not meeting the standards I set for myself  and keeps me inside the box -  so  I will leave my options open and my crafting ideas free to wander where they may for 2014  but I do know that I will be pushing to do more crafting this year including more how to videos and step by steps on the blog ."

Well evidently 2014 went by just as quickly and having my options open really did not improve my ability to "get things done"  so I am going to work on a true list for myself for 2015 to follow - maybe thats what I need  a "GOAL" list otherwise I will just putter away the year again and not get the things I really want to get accomplished

such as those elusive videos  I really want to get done  are always on the top of the list but then I slide back to just playing at a few things -

I really didnt do any new fusing this year - yet had lots of pieces from last year ready to cut 

Step by Steps fell back as well 

even my copper etching was limited 

So On Jan 1st I'll put up my list to following for 2015 

I am feeling better this week - got my living room cleaned up  - my basement studio is calling - dont have that much to do to buy christmas gifts   so maybe I'll get down to the studio and make some beads -  The Soda Lime Times has some great tutorials in the current issue I want to try 

If you can think of what tutorials/step by steps  would like please  leave a comment and I will put them on my list of 2015 TO DO LIST

Etsy - rubber stamp shipping and price increase - holding till Dec 31st with old pricing

I've held on for  three years with pricing for postage and the rubber stamp

My stamps have risen in cost but I have not reflected this in the price  and the HUGE increase in the postage  (approx 3$ per pkg) I have held onto the old postage rates and will till the end of the year

so if your thinking about purchasing one of the stamps get  our order in before December 31 as the prices for the stamp will rise by 2$  and the postage will the exact postage I am now being charged
I just could not believe how high it went - same package  from 7.30 to  10.66  that's an increase of 3.36 ridiculous !  and for what ?   I could see maybe up to a 1.00 but  3.36 wow

Still - sick..............

will it ever end - I hope so - so tired and sick of being sick - I have things to do !
Like play with glass - my basement studio has been sitting for 2 weeks ready for me

my stuff at the big studio is ready to come down to the house for the winter (rolling mill and soldering station) so I can play with metal

It really is tiresome to be sick - you just dont feel like doing anything - was so sick on weekend I even had to take a day off from work Monday -  I just hope I can feel better by weekend and get started -

Christmas cookies !, a few mor gifts to get and wrap - clean the house ! sheesh.....

I should have the December Give-A-Way up this weekend - I'll go to the big studio and pick something special out


Sorry everyone - so sick with the flu I come home and flop into bed after work  .  Today seems a little better so I should feel better and make a trek up to the studio to find something cool for the December Give-A-Way

I want to bring down my soldering and my rolling mill to play with during the winter as well - I hate winter !

Winner of the November - give-a-way is .........

Sorry everyone being sick is not conducive to staying up at night to do anything  fell asleep before I could remember to pull a name

so I did it this morning and the winner of the November - Give-A way is :   Wendy !

I will be in touch with  you for your mailing address or you can email me at

I am going to post  by tomorrow another giv-a-way for December so stay tuned

Pulling the Name for November Give-A-Way after work on Monday Dec 1

Pulling the Name for November Give-A-Way after work on Monday Dec 1
sick all weekend and will be busy all day Monday at work (month end) so I'll do it when I get home

Only 5 more days to Draw for November Give-A-Way

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Perfectly Twisted Blog site - has new tutorial for Wire Weaving

Heads UP ! ---

Perfectly Twisted - has a new tutorial -  for all of you interested in wire weaving - she has a wonderful amazing site on how too's , tutorials - step by step -  amazing work

Bangles - bangles bangles

More bangles - with the new roller
and a big o'l twisted copper - Did get much time in the studio even though it was warm (its 60F this morning in the studio so will be going up tonight to play -  made bangles and cleaned up my glass table in prep to play yesterday - but am catching a bad cold
The big twisted is made with copper tubing that I bought at home depost - very small tubing - annealed it to make it soft (two pieces)  and then twisted the two together
the next larger one over to the right is also made with the tubing - annealed and run through the new roller  - picked up some of the pattern - still not happy  and the last two are 14b run through the mill
I need to really patina them all to get a really nice color and it will show up the patterns better - more to come

New Deep Bangle Bracelet Roller

Couldnt hold out - had to go up to freezing studio and put the new roller in and make some samples - its about  28 degrees in the studio right now - I turned the heaters on plus its getting warmer out so maybe by tomorrow it will be about 40

the roller

the quick samples - 1-7  with 14g  

The patterns are deeper and more apparent and for larger gauge wire which is great 
I may want to anneal them first to make them softer to pass through the mill but thats for tomorrow - I have tons to do today and a luncheon to go to  so not really a lot of time - so these were rushed and I am seeing I amy not have set quite correctly to get the patterns clearly - but I'll bring up my solder and stuff and make bangles tomorrow from these samples anyway


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My new deep bangle pattern roller is in !

Going to have to brave the cold and try this out on sunday - (thats the warmest of the two days ) cant wait -  nice deep pattern grooves all the way along (still in its grease ) but could not wait to open

And yet..... more bangles and patterns from the Mill

I left heaters on in the studio on Saturday while I was at the BeadFX trunck show so that when I got home it was warmer (40 and sometimes up to 50 degrees) so I could unload and start putting things away .  I spent Sunday organizing and cleaning up for the winter and putting liquids into a couple of storage boxes to take to the house so they don't freeze (pretty sure I've forgotten a few things but I hope to find the rest by the weekend)

Having the heaters on - let me play Sunday (with a couple of fleece jackets on so I of course cleaned and played with copper wire

put in another of  the new rollers I got a week or so ago  - its kind of great exchanging them out as you clean and re-dress the threaded screws to maintain the rolling mill - I thought it would be a pain but its so simple - I still need to fix it to a board so I can clamp it down while in use

so I made of course more samples to see what the patterns turn out like 14g and 16g - I love them - and of course made more of those twisted bracelets too. (16g copper)  - I just have to patina

I did try using some new copper w/flux solder from Rio - not bad to use (I am just bad at it) and I started using my little smith  torch with bottled oxy and mapp -   I think I'll get my propane bottle filled and bring up one of my oxy cons and set it up in the spring

anyway - love making these bracelets


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New Toys

Yesterday I received my "Now Thats A Jig" in the mail  (ordered it at the Creative Festival - havnt used it yet - but its in the plans Now That's a Jig! WireLiftr and HexWrench Toolmine came with a lifter and a swivelNow That's a Jig! SwiveLok Accessory (not sure what that is  for yet but I got one)
and I ordered a round bracelet mandrel from Guesswein Canada
although I like making the oval (I have the oval one at home and like making oval bracelets - but some like round so now I have both

Another Pattern Roller - could not help myself

Otto Frei had a really supper roller - deeper than the ones I have - could not help myself  (actually they have three that I want ) this one interested me the most

Its going to make some sweet  bangles