Etched Enamel Copper Beads

So I am very close to making my etched Enamel Beads

I'll solder ends on the samplers tonight using a hight temp solder (higher than the enamel so it will not melt - I hope)

this is sort of the process I am going to follow to do testing  as I want to dip my etched beads into a clear coat - its a step by step and I want to make the exact bead - if I can - cool tools to make as well for dipping the beads.  cant wait to try them out

I have had all the materials for at least 10 years to do this and its about time I finally used them . I have lots of copper beads I've been collecting over the years and ones I've made - so I think the time has come


  1. You sound like me - I have ALL the stuff to make anything I could dream of with metal clay (silver, bronze, AND copper) - but I do it so infrequently that I am a novice, and dread the thought of hauling it out, setting it up, and relearning it! Wish I had all the $$ back!

  2. Can't wait to see how your beads turn out - I looked at the .pdf, and...surprise! I have all that stuff, too! Scary