Another Wrap Bracelet

A bit addictive  so I made another - wanted a turquoise one

all finished except made it a bit too long so I'll have to reduce it by about 6 inches but otherwise not too bad
got carried away while watching TV and just kept sewing the beads onto the leather - these are smaller beads than the last ones (around 5mm)   but I think I can go  smaller -  I'll find some 4mm next and see

Wrap Bracelet

I keep seeing these wrap bracelets in ads on Facebook as well as my daughter wants one and asked if I could make one

tripped up to the studio to find leather cord, some nymo thread, needles and some beads - now I have a ton of beads but of course not the ones I need -  although I did find some 6mm glass coloured that I thought I'll just do a prototype and see how hard it is

You use the ladder stitch -   here is a tutorial
The tutorial I followed:

Lots of tutorials on google - not very hard
I like this one now the best from Rings N Things

followed a tutorial on the web - I may have used a bit larger than I should have for beads ?  not sure - they said 6 mm  - not happy with the way they did the ends and found another I would prefer to follow so the next one will be better and I want  5 wraps in the end

found my button stash ! and used a whole 1 button up 

New Listings on Etsy for Copper Etched Zentangle Sheet

Set up 9 new pieces 3" x 4" Etched Copper - Zentangle sheet
 from the weekend  on etsty

The torch is going on this week - got my new Brent Graber DVD for Hearts

I cant wait - Ill have to be sure I have some boro  ready  cause I'm going to watch my dvd tonight and get ready

Im in the mood to make hearts  - lots of hearts

More , copper/brass Etching

And got started early this morning so I can do three batches (if I really wanted to go gung ho I'd bring out the second hot plate and dish - which may happen this week so each night I can keep making)
1st batch was three plates while I prepped for 2nd batch 

2nd (washers and one plate)  and 3rd batch (3 plates)  (need to be done by 2pm to meet my daughter and grandchildren for dinner)

finished 2nd batch  and had one plate in the solution
final batch is 3 more plates 

starting to accumulate cleaned pieces - used acetone to clean off the left over adhesive on the backs of the pieces (this tape seems to be great as it does not seem to leave as much on it ) and it takes off the staz on - then used the dremel with split mandrel and 220 sandpaper - takes off the edges and smooths the surface  (will sandblast the plates and small pieces to get them clean inside the etched depressions)
Not being in the studio really is making things slow -  cant just turn around and use my stations  - have to trek through the snow and cold -  cant wait for spring

Etched Sheets out of the Etch

Have the mustaches washers and now the sheets out of the etching solution

will accumulate and then clean all at once 

Will spend the day Monday  (holiday here) and see if I can do all the washers , small mustaches and seahorses and get a bunch of stuff done

Out of the Etch

After about 1 hour or so
its getting to be a good etch
Hour and a half taking it out 
get those gloves on  - this stuff stains your hands - up to now I can work without touching the solution but just in case I like to wear the gloves 

I unstick from the sides drain what I can and just place onto some paper towel face up so it doesn't stick 

make a dish of water and baking soda to clean them off and to stop the etch

than I rinse and put them into another clean bowl of baking soda and water 
now they are sitting and I will seperate them and clean them up

In the mean time I'll put in another batch for today 
of the 3" x 4"  

Stamping Copper for Etching- refresher

In an effort to work my way up to doing the 3" x 4" squares of copper  I need to set  up for stamping and etching so I thought I'd start with some smaller items  to get working again

I pulled out my  stamps (which had been sitting frozen at the shed and covered in staz-on - I forgot to clean off)  took out some acetone and cleaned up using the acetone and a toothbrush and paper towel
These are my original stamps when I first had them made so they have lasted through hot, cold - lots of acetone cleaning and stamping and are still in great shape 
(stamps can be purchased at my Etsy shop (see top left side bar))

I cleaned my copper with acetone 
today are moustaches  and brass washers

then I use the staz-on to dab onto the area I am using to stamp onto the pieces 
You need to stamp quickly as it does dry quickly 
dont push the stamp down too hard - you only want to the surface lines to be covered 
Place the piece clean side down (be sure to hold by sides as you dont want the oils from your hands to get onto the piece )
because its rubber stamp it will spread and smear
I usually hold down with one finger and lightly go around the edges to ensure it meets the stamp 
I'll keep the one finger down with a bit of pressure and pull up the piece all in one pull
I find some of the odd size and shapes are a bit harder to work with - dont worry if you get any on the backs - it comes off later 
Let them dry 

Now I have to set up my etching system
Hot plate, cookie sheet with aluminum foil, glass cake pan
I put in some etching chemical (ferric Chloride)
I dont put a whole bunch, just enough that I can have the pieces sit on the surface
I turn on the hot plat - ONLY TO WARM- too hot and it affects the solution and the etch 

Now to  get the dried pieces ready to be put into the etc.
I picked up some 3" wide packing tape - normally I have 2"  but sometimes I have items that are odd shapes and they stick out or if I want to put a bunch together the 3" works great 

I check to see how many I can put on the tape by  pulling out one of the nail files that I use as a support to see the length 

Place all your pieces with the stamped side face down 
and put the tape over the entire group (I fold the ends to be able to pick up easier) note I have some staz-on  on the back of my pieces - dont worry it all comes off later 
I use my finger to burnish the tape to the metal pieces 
then I place one of the nail files for support (so it does not bow in the etching solution) keeps it flat and straight

then another layer of tape to hold the file on top and to keep the etching solution from the file (most of the time)
next pick up by the end and make sure it all stays together 
I lay it lightly on top of the etching solution and stick the ends to the sides of the glass 
because this tape is wider I am only getting 3 strips in at a time where I get 5 usually with the 2"

so now because this is fresh etching solution  I'll check at 1 hour - 1-1/2 hour and 2 hours 
as it etches to see how deep the etch is 


Andrea Ostapovitch

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Etched Zentangle Copper 18g Pendant - Heart

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(here is a link as well )

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Flattening and cleaning copper sheet for etching

tonights project is to flatten the 3 x 4 sheets for etching

Even when you use the shear or scissors you get a bit of a curl and bends in the copper
you want it as flat as you can to put your design on so its even

I use my two steel  blocks and a hammer - to tap on this way  you dont get hammer marks on the soft copper and because its soft it flattens the piece out

I position it in quarters
and tap tap tap 
takes away the curl of the edge and levels it all out 
all nice and flat and ready for cleaning

I got some nice hot water and soap and then put them in to cut the oils 
as I pulled them out and gave them a squirt of windex and cleaned them up  being careful to hold them by the sides so any oils from my hands did not get on the clean surfaces -  oils can make the resist not adhere to the metal surface
cleaned and ready for the resists 
I will wrap up to keep any dirt or oils from getting on them till I am ready to apply (hopefully tomorrow)