Not all 2 x 4 x 8 are equal

Rebuilding my (finishing) my torching table
I have the hood and posts all done now I need to fix the table top
want to raise it a little and create some storage space - it seems I always find more ways to fix my work area than actually work ...... I figure this is the last big modification - but that's this week... I'll find some other project to keep me from actually making beads.

I did accomplish making some amphora face pendants along with some horse head pendants - I'll post them soon

back to 2 x 4's   I bought some at Lowes without really reading the sign and it turns out they were not quite 8ft so I had one 2 x 4 x 8 from Home depot then found the other three I had from Lowes were short by about 6 inches ( they make these so you don't have to cut studs when you install a header and footer - will come in handy as I build my walls- didn't even know they existed) so I thought I'd have the frame done tonight but it will have to wait till tomorrow - I really want to be torching on the weekend

Microfold Earrings - Step 5

Now the first set is pinched or "confirmed"  we need to bring it even further together
now pinch together the next set so that the folds are tighter causing it to arch
Once arched you can straighten out earring if it warps or bend against a round pole to tighten and harden the folds.  the ends can be soldered with a jump ring and earring findings or you can drill a hole and put a jump ring and earring findings.  These are lightweight earrings.  they can be enameled or apply a patina to dress them up

voila - simple and fun earrings
video coming soon if you could not follow

Microfold Earrings - Step 4

Now folded we will use our pliers to "confirm" pinch folds together
pinch folds on the short side

Microfold Earrings - Step 3

now you have all the edges (except top) folded in
lay out your pieces so you can see the mirror images - we will present the short corner to the folding brake or the tube wringer and wring them through

Microfold Earrings - Step 2

Now mark along the two longest edges .01" and along the bottom .01"
Use your pen or pencil to mark into the copper - makes it easier to fold
we do this so the edges are not sharp.  Once edges are drawn  cut corners on bottom of earrings so that it makes it easier to fold
Use your ruler to help fold and you can use your fingers (watch you do not cut them ) or the edge of your pliers (or a knife) once bent over use your pliers to ensure they are folded flat. If you feel any sharp edges use a nail file to smooth them out.

Microfold Earrings - Step 1 - cut your copper sheet

Cut a piece of copper   2.0"   x  2.5"

Mark across bottom at 1-1/4"    and 3/4"    do same at top  - we are creating mirror image pieces
Use your pen or pencil to draw line or mark copper - cut along line  set side by side as mirror images

Microfold Earrings - copper - preparation

I am still putting together the video but I thought I'd post the step by step

I purchased a roll of 36 ga copper sheet -This thin copper can be used for embossing, punching, rubbing and decorating.I have found it packaged in rolls, metal foil can be cut to size with household scissors. Gauge: 36ga. - .005” thick. Curry's arts stores have it in Canada and Dick Blick has it in the USA.

I do use my regular scissors to cut and the 36ga lends it self to not have to be annealed once it is worked  and is still easy to use after microfolding through the brake or the tube wringer.

Equipment to assemble:
Pencil or pen
tube wringer (see image in below post)  or microfold brake
flat nose pliers - smallest you can find with thin tips - helps in "confirming" the folds
36ga copper sheet  (2.0 inches x 2.5" min)

Once you have all this we can start

Whats Next

As I'm working on my studio I sit and play with items like microfolding,(instructions coming - have taken pics - just have to do the video portion)  thinking of new glass beads, fusing, updating my website and lastly my resin.  Have not worked on it in weeks and need to make some more samples and make some jewelry - bought some oomoo silicone molding materials to make bangle bracelets about a year ago  and want to create transparencies to insert into the resins.  so as I play I will take pics and put them into the blog for samples.

I have to finish my vent hood, decided I just could not trust it hanging from ceiling - seems strong but I decide to put 4x4 corner posts and 2x4 to support it -finished that portion last night -  will also give me space to create some shelves to put all my craft videos .  This means I am rebuilding my torch table as well so I'll have that done this week and take pics.

Attempted to install the fan motor and realized I'm going to have to suspend it from ceiling to take the weight from the top of the hood - it will support but better to be safe than sorry.

I figure that I'll be done by the weekend. And start to torch again at least

Cleaned my desk area and brought my computer and printers back up so I can surf and print.

Of course all of this is not without an accident - was holding a 4 x 4 for one of the corners - I had a 6 ft 2x4 propped against a table and it came chopping down and hit the top part of my foot so it was a trip to the hospital for an x-ray - good news just a crack and its black and blue and a bit sore (amazing thought I'd be limping for days)

will have some pics shortly


Just playing around with thin gauge copper (36g) getting back into the swing of things- Microfolding - took a class with Jack Berry back in 2004-  and will make some silver fan earings on the weekend - I'll do a demo video of how to make the earrings this weekend and post it on my website and the blog side video bar.

Real easy - I have the bonny doon microfold brake but you can get a a paint tube wringer and do the same not expensive and can be found at craft stores.

Best laid plans....

I have been planning and working towards a group of good crafty  friends coming up on the 18th but things do not always work out the way you want.  Anything to do with crafts is always wonderful and I was so looking forward to them visiting and seeing my studio.  In the last month or so, new sliding door, deck, cleaned major corner area, insulated and set up tables, made new work table, fridge, lighting, new exhaust hood - so pleased with the results.

O well will have to reschedule, not like it goes to waste - got a lot done in  a short period of time

Will just have to have a fun day in July

Been playing with some copper sheet -  pulled out my instructions for microfolding and playing on my new work table when I can.  will post some pics shortly

Enamelling center

I reworked my enamelling center for copper enamelling, and torch enamelling along with my kiln table with enamel kilns, PMC kiln

Organizing my studio - Left corner

New work table, my wood pen turning area, my solder station and electroplating/etching plating center- this area is organized now - I have to start on my desk area since everything was ending up over there from cleaning this area up .

Like I had nothing else to do ......

I built a small deck outside the sliding door to my studio so that it was easier to step in
Was not like I had anything else to do all weekend, cut the grass, clean the pool, fix a hole in the pool, clean the house -  Its much more fun doing something for the studio

arranging my things - setting up my tables etc. putting together the ventilation system (not in but almost )
I have all the parts - I just need to clear the area by my desk so I can get up to the roof and hand chain to support the venting

Pic of my new deck area so I can sit outside my studio (also created a play area for my granddaughter)