Falling behind again - trying to catch up

 I have been doing resin  tube in pens and loving it - just need more time

Current work is  tube in sierra pens -  so I find the pics, print on waterproof label -cut out with my Scan n Cut  and apply to the  brass tube  then put into the  tube in mold

Then I am using art resin product (1:1) for its clarity and pour over and let set 
hard to see but resin is setting 

then when they come out  I turn on my lathe - (got mine at Canadian tire up here under 250.00 10 years ago )
what a mess I make 

and then I turn them , and sand and sand to about 12000 mesh  and then polish with a plastic polish till they shine 
so far 
First one took a while I think I redid at least 5 times sanding and polishing till I figured out how to get a shiny finish 
and then assembled into a Sierra style pen  (that matched my tube in mold for size ) 
the next one was getting better 

then the next - better                       
 Then I used one of my honeycomb molds that I 3d printed and filled with resin and was happy with that 

Finally I did this one that I took for work  as I love the colors - and so far the best one I have done 


Was away at a retreat on the  may 3rd weekend and loved it - loved being pampered - unfortuantely my knee was still hurting from the bakers cyst and my hip nerve was killing me (if I had only gone and got some aleve would have been fine ) 
Had a ball and did some scrapbooking 

didnt get the last one finished to where I wanted so until next scrapbook crop