Well I plunged in  head first into sublimation  printing -  T-shirts, cups, coozies, masks you name it  I am going to try it 

How to start - I read about it  and decided   to make a list  of my needs to be able to  sublimate  a t-shirt 

Printer - required to have the eco-tanks so you can fill with sublimation  ink  - I chose the Epson ET-2760  only because I could not find the ET-2720 any longer in my area  (if you can find one it works too ) 

So once you get the printer  you toss the inks that came with it and save the bottles. I washed out easily with water - dried 

then I did a look up for best sublimation inks and  Printers Jack Inks came up and I bought those 
I proceeded to one by one fill the  empty epson ink bottles with the corresponding Printers jack inks  and filled the reservoirs and set up the printer - it pretty much sets itself up -  I made it wifi  and then went to my computer and downloaded the software as instructed .  
Now once you have set up  I found a video that shows you how to properly set up an option so that  it will mirror when selected  and use the proper  paper etc   easy to follow - although I only set up the first two options - mirror and not mirrored  for now 
Link to video :

this will resolve pretty much anything you need to know about using the epson to print - paper etc 

now the printer is set up  what about paper 
I bought 2 types - currently  using the first type  called Better Sub sublimation paper  pack is 110 pcs  for 25.99 on amazon 

so now were ready to print -  and I get two masks per page   and two  cups per page trying not to waste - remember if you set up right you dont have to worry about  reversing print  as your selection will do that when you go to print 

Images can be found all over the internet  and I print on plain paper with my laser printer to ensure sizing etc  

now we have our print 

I already had a 15 x 15  heat press I bought years ago - that I use for a few other things other than t-shirts but now I am really going to use it 
follow instructions on paper for times and heat temps to set it too 

I also bought a mug press pretty decent price and it will take different size cup press pcs you just take off and put on 
again a Better Sub product 

Items you need  as well is some heat resistant tape  you can get off amazon  
once you have all that you can print to your hearts content - Ive done almost 20 masks, one t-shirt - and two mugs and it doesnt even seem that my ink has gone down - depending on your image  you will get great color 
this mix was to test out a cotton t-shirt as  sublimation can only be done on polyester  - polyester blends  and sublimation coated cups (so not just any cup has to be for sublimation ) 

image printed for cottong t-shirt test with the polycrylic mix 

cotton t-shirt with poly mix  - next when my polyester shirts come to see what difference will be 

some fun face masks 

another - helps me determine sizing etc   for 100% coverage - missed a bit on this one 

love these - love that fact going right to edge looks great 

the color is amazing 

again stretch that image a bit to cover 100% of the mask

trimmed the lips as one came out with the white background but not quite as white as the mask 

so more fun is coming