September 2013 Give-A-Way - Closed

Its time again to do another Give-A-Way - September  Give-A-Way is now closed !

The winner is ;  Lois Shaw

So for September  I have a piece that someone wanted me to post when I was making them  - so when I finished I saved a particular one just for the Give-A-Way

Approx. 2" in diameter  (once it was domed its slightly less) Made from 18G copper - etched with my own zentangle patterns.  Added to the piece is one of my engraved dichroic glass piece.

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On October 1st I will put names into my mug and randomly pull  one and announce 
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What Tools and Materials Do I Need To Copper Etch

I am currently building a supplier side bar on the blog  and will eventually fill it with the suppliers I am using to obtain materials or where you can obtain materials  that I sell to.  Especially as a follow up to my classes so that there is a location to go to to follow up on all we talked about.

I thought I would also list out what basic tools and materials you need to start up for different types of projects - etching copper,   torch enamelling (bead and flat ) , lampworking  etc...

Today I will list out the Copper Etching Basic necessities - this will give you an idea of what you need to gather to start etching

As always safety is important - wear eye protection

Copper pieces  18-24 G
Ferric Chloride - 42 Baum
Packing Tape
Rubber Gloves
Glass container (I use a  large glass baking dish from the Dollar Store)

Steel Wool (000-0000)
220 Sand paper
Goo Gone (to clean off tape residue)
Acetone (to clean off stazon )
Windex (clean fingerprints before stamping)

StazOn Stamp Pad (I use white)
Resits Pens /Staedlter red is a good resist
Rubber Stamp

Sealer (Permalac EF)
copper wire to use as hooks to dip and hang piece for drying
Nail File


  • Hot Plate - an electric fry pan set to warm works great but a small coffee warmer will work as well if you have a small container you can sit on it - heat is not necessary but it does speed up the process
  • Foam Nail Files - to support more than one item when taping 
  • Penny Brite cleaner- additional cleaner 
  • Sand Blaster- do not have to use chemicals to clean 
  • Dremel with split mandrel for sandpaper- less elbow grease 
  • PnP Blue resist- another resist
  • Resist pens 

Update !

Lots of things happening

Patterns #1 and # 2 are back in stock on Etsy  and there are lots of Hearts as well

Classes went extremely well over the weekend in Ottawa and had a great time with all
The etching class - everyone went home with two pendants and a couple of other items as well  as we had enough time in the 4 hours to get everything done
The enamel on metal beads went well as did the lampwork with enamel class

Had a great drive home  (4-1/2 hours)  and got home before dark on the Sunday

Grace at The Glass Shoppe is a wonderful hostess  and took me to Greekfest friday night after I got there and unloaded all the class materials.  After class on Saturday we went to my favorite Italian Place in Manitoc- one of those with an outdoor venue and a band

I torched a bit last week and made some beads - which I was happy with by the time I finished modifying them.  Nothing special but at least torching :

I'll be working on numberous projects this weekend with the thought that I may be teaching a bracelet class at the Ottawa Bead Show  and going up there and having my own table as well - I have to see if I can swing that

Upcoming right after that is the Creative Craft Festival where I am going to be teaching basic beadmaking for Nortel  then the next week is the Toronto Bead Society show

a Busy 3 weekends in a row in Oct/Nov  - Looking forward to it

I am going to post in the blog a list of suppliers for etching supplies by the weekend as well

Classes at The Glass Shoppe Studio in Ottawa Aug 24 and 25

Come join me for classes at  The Glass Shoppe Studio in Ottawa

On the 24th will be having an etched

 Etched pendant class   9 - 1 
alt alt
For use at class: Safety glasses ,patina’s, tools to clean and finish , extra copper
4 Hour Class        $ 95.00
Kit Fee:       $  6.00 (includes  1 pair latex gloves,  1 copper blank , 1 copper etched blank)
Location : The Glass Shoppe Studio
Contact : Grace/Laura/Frances 613.230.4414

Base Metal Enamel Beads  2- 6

4 Hour Class        $ 95.00
Bead Kit Fee:       $  10.00
PPE – Mask          $ 15.00   or bring your own N95/100 particulate mask (N100 recommended)
Location : The Glass Shoppe Studio
Contact : Grace/Laura/Frances 613.230.4414

On Sunday from 10 -3
Enamels on Lampwork 


This workshop will emphasize:
  • Safety
  • Tips
  • Firing schedule – including the 3 stages of firing  enamels -  sugar, orange peel  and  full fuse stage (glossy)
  • Boiling
  • Enamels stringers
  • Brass embossing
  • Creating your own  patterns by – rolling, sifting, stencilling
Students will need a PPE – Mask:   N95/100 particulate mask (N100 highly recommended by the Glass Shope Studio)
Cost:  120 (includes all glass, enamels and use of tools.  Student need only show up with didys and their favourite tools)
Location : The Glass Shoppe Studio
Contact : Grace/Laura/Frances 613.230.4414
Sunday workshop: 10-3pm. Student must be an advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Out of Stock on Pattern #1 and #2

Unfortunately I am out of Pattern #1  - I ordered in time but when I opened the new box they had sent me my Hearts pattern  (even though I confirmed the pattern #1 with them - they made a boo boo but  they make such good stamps I really cant complain )  so it may take a couple of weeks to get it back in  and I had a run on Pattern #2 so I am out of those too - (actually I have 1 left  and you need to just email me if you want it )
so give it a couple of weeks and the Etsy store will be back up with these Patterns to order in stock

If you have not  been to the store lately - I have added 4" x 3"    sheets of etched copper to the store for those that like to cut their own designs from sheet - these were also made from the rubber sheet and staz-on

Etched 24G Copper Sheet - 3" x 4"  - Zentangle Pattern

I noticed some very lovely small booklets with metal covers - I'll have to find some samples to show - I want to try these as well

Another customer posted on her blog  what she has done with the rubber stamps - amazing work

see her results from using the rubber stamps and staz-on

she did a wonderful job and added edging to her bracelets
cant wait to see them finished

More EtchedCopper Pipe

I got the smaller pipe into the ferric today
The pipe was a little shorter so I poured a little out 
and I didnt have a plug so I had to use some Plasticine to seal the bottom 
filled it with sand and put the post in so it sat between two pieces of tape 

Left it for about 2-1/2 hours (no heat)
Nice etch 

cuts it rather nicely 
Clean and deep 

So I cut up the pipes - I used a small chop saw for the larger pieces 

The next step is to solder ends onto them 
so they will look like this 


I just have to decide if the ends will be plain or to etch the ends - (might be too much )
I'll get to them soon 

The etching of the washers is not turning out so well - did another batch 
heat press works great with the PnP

what the PnP looks like after transfer 

In the etch for 2-1/2 hours 

not working as well as the stamp - Hmmmmmm  there is some etch but not even as good as the staz on 
seems to soak off - some sort of reaction with the metal and the ferric 
will have to work on this more 

Etched Copper Pipe - using PnP

So I found a container that was tall and thin -didnt want too big to waste any chemical
was a plastic container from my plastic ties

Because it was plastic I was not going to heat it up so I estimated it might take about 2 to 2-1/2 hours

I loved the fact that the PnP worked so well  so I expected a really good etch
I prepped the tube by putting in a rubber stopper on one end and filled it with some art sand for weight 
I partially filled the container and then put the tube in and then filled till it was really close to the top
I put a bend mandrel in the sand just to give me something to balance and taped either side 

this held the tube in the center of the chemical while it etched 
I put in at 8:20 and I took it out at 10 pm 
If it was heated and since fresh ferric it might only take about 1-1/2 hours to etch  - I find the heat does make it more aggressive and I guess there are times you want that 
I think when I do the stainless washers again I am not going to heat it up 
and let it etch for however long it takes  and keep my eye on it this time 

soooo - I pulled it out of the etch - let it drip and drain for a minute - took paper towel and took it to the sink and washed off and put some baking soda on it to stop the etch 

Nice Etch

Just had to clean it up to see what it would look like 
so I sandblasted the PnP off and I like the effect of the sandblasting - it takes all the materials from the pipe and all the grooves  - used a bit of Penny Brite and some steel wool 

Came up really clean with very little effort or additional chemicals for cleaning

Best results so far 
Going to cut them up and make beads 

PnP -on Pipe ? - applying PnP on Pipe for etching

Well after reading this months Jewelry Artist and the Chris Darway article  (page 20)  - I just had to try applying PnP sheet to Copper Pipe.

I took two sizes of copper pipe and cut them down (picked up at Home Depot)
I really like this cutter - leaves and nice end - no puckering like the other pipe cutters 

Nice and clean

I use 000-0000 steel wool to clean the surface
and I cut the PnP to fit 
Now at this point as much as I am going to wrap in silicone tape  I need something to hold it while I do 
so I taped the sides 

 Just put small pieces at either end and in the middle
I wrapped the silicone tape (plumbers white tape - you can get at home depot)around the pipe - tightly 
I have a Hot plate that I use for the my application of painted glass to beads so I plugged it in and set it to low as I was not sure how hot I needed to get this to work - 
I also put a probe on the hot plate just to see what the temp was 
so I stood them up on the heated surface hoping that the heat would flow up the tubes 

I reversed them but could not get them to stand so put one inside the other and let stand for another 20 minutes to 1/2 hour  - they didnt seem really that warm (even though it said 345 degrees F)  so I eventually laid them flat (one inside the other) on the plate and hoped for the best 
Totally forgot for about an hour (I am getting really bad at this ) 

I unwrapped the silicone tape -  the PnP looked dark like it does when I use the press 

OMG it worked 

Its about 90% perfect - some small areas that need touch up but nothing major 

What the PnP looked like after I took it off 

I applied the Stop Out (another liquid resist) to the tiny areas needed and letting it dry 
will etch hopefully today just have to get a container tall enough (bought a bunch of drink containers from dollar store  - I have one rubber plug for the larger pipe but I have to come up with something for the other 
going to fill with sand to make it heavy and the plug will not allow any ferric into the inside where I dont want to etch 

Aug 10 - at the studio - PnP on Stainless Steel washers

See full thread below on how applied -   but I got the PnP onto the washers - nice clean and crisp

Put them in the etch solution - and totally forgot about them - I had one grand daughter all day and I had to pick up my other  grand daughter and when I finally remembered - about  3-1/2 hours later 


there is some etch but the PnP melted off from the extended stay in the ferric and as you can see the tape was deteriorating as well -  this was fresh ferric and I should have checked after 1 hour to see what was going on 

O well - I'll clean up these ones or just take some new ones might be easier and try it again 
getting really good at applying the PnP via the heat press -  

Using - Stainless Steel Washers - putting on PnP


Next Step - make up some stainless steel washers using PnP as opposed to stamping with staz-on  (the staz-on seems to deteriorate more on the stainless steel during etching)

went out and bought some washers in different sizes  - stainless steel at a RONA (similar to Lowes or Home Depot )  spent all of 3.40 with tax

I cleaned the surface of the ones I wanted to put the PnP on - needs to be free and clear of oils etc.. same as any other application
I used my dremel and sandpaper and then some windex just to be sure all material is cleaned off 

Prep the Heat press - plug it in  and use some Dry waxed paper so I can move it around when pressing (I press  then open and shift around so I get good contact ) 

I place my clean side up washers on the paper 

I choose my PnP patterns 

 and I cut enough to fit over - the group -not going to cut out individual pieces
PnP is face down on washers

 then cover with additional sheets to protect and to give a cushion on the surface
(you can see where I did a bunch of bracelets the same way - it left an impression in the paper)

Now at this point I messed up and didnt check my temp - I had left really high for t-shirts and should have turned it down 
they came out but over cooked so a lot of the wax from the PnP was melted off 

so I have to clean off the washers with some naptha and start again - not a big deal  just took time
I'll have results on the weekend (if not friday )  and then they will go into a fresh batch of ferric to see results
I'll post the additional finished PnP product here rather than a new thread -

So on Friday I cleaned up the washers and redid them on the heat press
You can see them stuck to the PnP after heating

Nice clean crips application 

and you can see why I put down a backing sheet to catch the extra over run of the PnP so it is no on the silicone backing of the press 

Off the paper and you can see the size of the washers to the penny 

even the sheet has imprints of how much pressure is applied by the press when heated 

ready for etching

Next week picking up the silver solder /from Casell to see about brasing them together  - could be interesting and give me and hopefully you some new ideas