Mothers Day Shadow Boxes

 Valentine/Mothers Day  Shadow Boxes - make with paper  rolled flowers  in the shape of a heart (I have a dog one coming soon) 

Phrases will be going on to these for mothers day when I get them cut 

2 Hours in the Studio - still cold

 I went up to the studio in hopes of lampworking.  I refuse to turn on the big heater  until its warmer so I can use my big kilns - (Hydro is costly )  The outside was  42F  start temp  inside was  47F  and by the time I finished it was still only 57F only my feet were cold .  But I was able to make up some larger boro  heart pendants and some spacer beads. 

Hoping as it warms up I can stay longer  and longer and build more glass stock. 

Laser Cutting this week

 Started to laser cut for earrings to get stock up  - Grinches, Sally & Jack, Stictch & Angel, Garfield & Odie to start 

Byzantine bracelet with Lampwork hearts

 size 7" and 8" bracelets -   boro glass hearts  with stainless steel byzantine jump ring bracelets and some  boro  heart earrings with niobium wires