1" Copper Bracelet Blanks for etching and Other Uses

Just picked up the 1" wide bracelet blanks
1" x 6", 1" x 6.5" and 1" x 7"
I wanted a thinner one so that I can use the GRS Bracelet former when it comes in - Going to do some etchng this weekend.  Can be used for etching, enamelling and I can use them for anodes for my electroforming, cutting them into shapes etc.. so none will go to waste - again I had them cut them for me in this case same 10.00 charge I got the same sq ft of copper but I had them cut even smaller which means the cutting per piece was only .07 cents per piece - clean edges and exactly straight
with my other 2" wide blanks


  1. Wow this is awesome Deborah. Would you mind sharing your source? I don't know if it's local or they might ship.

    1. Try a local metal shop
      they can get in and will cut it up for you for a small fee (10.00 ) for all the cutting
      because it will be heavy best to find where you can pick up - when calculating work in what it would cost you to ship if you had to order in