Etched Copper Bracelets - 1/2"- PnP Stage

Made more copper bracelets - 1/2" style last night - cut the 6" length down to 5" (there is an even smaller one - my grandaughter wanted a bracelet so I cut it down to her size ) and trimmed , cleaned and pressed the PnP onto them with my super cool heat press - I did all 14 of them at once - what a time saver as I said before the PnP is the most time consuming portion of the process now - its a 15 minute process for I bet a few dozen at a time if I wanted
tonight its fix any areas that the PnP did not stick too - not perfected this yet  but getting close -  so once I fix that they are into the ferric chloride -  fresh I find is about 2 hours,  used and older 3-4 hours -  I added some citric acid and got back to 3 hours - sort of helps with the etching - really was not paying attention so I have to do some testing to see if the citrix really makes a difference (called Edinburgh etch  when you add the citric to ferric) that is another project to check on 

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