Homemade Jewelry Metal Press

I picked up my log splitter yesterday at Princess auto  (119.00)  and put it together today

I turned the "V" upside down so the flat side was facing down so it was a flat surface

I assembled - and it was really cool as the pump has a foot pedal  and a foot air release which makes it easier to work with  no twisting to release the air or taking out the handle to use to release the air.
Easy assembly and has handles to wheel it around and hold while pumping

I have my Bonny Doon press items (silhouette   presses)
the holder, the brass design and the urethane disc's

You put your brass design on the bottom design side up

a piece of metal (this case its 18g copper) I just cut to fit inside the container

then a piece of urethane that will push down and into the design (if enough pressure) 

and finally the plunger
They say that if you try without the container the urethane may split when pressed down 
the sides of the container - keep it vertical as it pushes down 

 right now the top piece does not come down far enough I jury rigged another metal piece to raise the silhouette press just so I can test and see what I have to do.

I started pumping - my legs do have more strength for pumping than my arms so I am very happy with this set up.

I did the best I could till the metal riser started to buckle a bit so I realized that this was not going to work - it was giving in with the pressure .    So the piece did not get full pressure directly

As you can see it started but would require further pressure -  Possibly if I used a thinner gauge I could probably get the design - but I want to use 18g 

so I'll take the unit to work with me on Monday and ask my guys in the welding shop to drill me a couple more holes to bring the top "V" down further and to weld me a flat piece on the base as there are some bolts that slightly stick up and I would like it flat. Possibly have them put a large flat piece on the top as well so that when they meet they will be flat - I want to be able to use this as well for the pancake dies as well

So not a failure - just a step closer to having my press


  1. Interesting; can't wait to see what you do with this!

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