Custom Etched Bracelets- using a mirror image

Trying to make custom etched bracelets for work - Made up the image printed it out on my PnP Blue then realized it needed to be a mirror image - so went back to the drawing board

How do create a mirror image:
I created in word the document with the print in the correct manner , then I did the Ctl A(all document) then Ctl V (copy)
  I opened Photoshop (I use Photoshop all the time) and selected New - from clipboard and it brought up the document
In Photoshop - Image - flip horizontal
Once mirrored - copy all and paste back into word and print

I filled my word doc so that I would not waste too much of the PnP Blue

I cut out and placed onto my prepared blank and pressed (using my nifty  new toy) and then into the ferric chloride for about 2 hours (relatively new acid)
This time I used sharpies to cover any spots that were missed (very very little was missed) and ran it down the sides as protection - wanted to see the results 

good coverage no spots left open where I wanted it protected from acid .
After etching it came out well 
Th marker was easier to clean off than the Stop Out product
Once bent - I sealed with wax.
Prototype - I see a couple of bubbles that must have happened - and should have moved the ferric arround after putting into the bath like I normally do but this was a single prototype just to see the results of works on the etched bracelet.  I wanted it smooth on the edges and only to be etched around the letters - could have stayed longer but - its soooooooo hot in the studio today. 


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