Homemade Wink of stella

Making home made what is called wink of stella these pens are sort of sparkle pens and I use the clear on everything cost is around 10.00 per pen At the last crop my table mate  said there was a you tube on how to make at home and I found it and I had all the materials at home The most important is mica powder and I had bottles of pearl ex mixed with alcohol and water and some gum Arabic as a binder and voila I filled old wink of stella pens (I never throw out as I thought to use as water brushes) and the home made works just as well as the store bought . The pearled macro pearl is what I am using for the clear runs about 14.00 cdn if not cheaper plus dollar store alcohol (next time using high alcohol content like 99 with water or straight 50% ) and gum Arabic I'll have to work out the proportions but it's how I mix a bit of this and that but made up a small container of each color . Hardly used up the pearled powder cant tell the difference

3D Printer

I purchased the Creality  CR-10  3d printer on  Amazon  - I am in love

Took about an hour to set up - it comes in three pieces - the base - the gantry and the machine - pretty simple set up 

I printed the white add on piece that converts it from micro sd to sd card holder - the actual  micro to sd converter is from amazon 

I just find it amazing how it prints 

3d printed staff head

staff head together and ready to be painted

bottom of head 


I just had to try this  - its printed in 2 pieces  but its called Gandalf's staff head

3d printed Baby Groot

Soon as I saw this wanted to make - had to wait for my filament wood color to come in and then learn how to change colors on the 3d printer

just starting to print

partially printed print complete

 final painted piece


New work for me -   printed  this on the 3d printer -  you can create the lithophane from an online free software  site   http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/   then you put into your slicer software  and then it converts it to a printing file - its amazing
the first one I tried of my grand daughter 

the second is of horses 

and made a base to hold it 
was fun !!!

Printing 3d maker storage

printing marker storage - they take about 20 hours to print but they work great

Scrapbook Crop Jan 19

Had a ton of fun (although worried about the weather all day ) bot a double page completed - thinking of spring

Striped pen - printed center

Another 3d print - the fined center for a striped pen  -
(it includes other items I printed but the  long striped tube fluted thing is the pen centere )
 the Popsicle stick holds the plastic center into the resin
finished resin and plastic blank ready for turning in the spring - or when it may get warm enough to go to my studio 

GISI Pen making - step one print 3d container and fill with resin

Its been a while - and I have been busy at work as well but having a ball

I got a 3d printer for christmas (gift to self) and loving it - wanted to make  pens again but with resin so started printing the molds to pour the resins in and then when it gets warm I can turn them on my lathe
these are called GISI style pens - you fill the compartments with colored resin 

then I will turn them on the lathe to make a pen