Fused Glass Blanks - Step 1 - cutting the glass

Step 1 cutting the glass

I take Bullseye glass (COE 90) - usually comes in 10 x 10 sheets. (other types out there - Spectrum, Morretti etc.)

In this case I chose a vanilla white color as opposed to a pure white and a caramel colour because the decal when fired will be a sepia color -  I'll probably use the vanilla with a black frame and other colours to test the zentangle pattern sheets just to see make an assortment.

In fusing you must use the same COE if using two layers of glass.

I cut the background sheet (carmel) - this gives me the frame around the vanilla 1-1/2" x 2"
I use a beetlebits cutter or Morton System - or I'll use a hand cutter (with no oil- easy cleaning ) and a ruler
The background sheet is cut larger than the vanilla top piece.

I cut the vanilla piece 1-1/4 x 1-3/4 (or a little more but less than 2")
Place the vanilla  on top of the background Carmel - note the vanilla is smaller than the carmel background
this ensures when melted I have a carmel frame around the vanilla

Clean Pieces

Next Step - Fire (to follow)

Ceramic Blanks for my Zentangle

Some new blanks prepared and fired (bisque) Different shapes and thicknesses - mostly for testing but most will end up as end product.

Transparencies for Silk Screening and working with Resin

I've put my zentangle pattern on full page transparencies
I'll use one  page along with photo emulsion film to create my silk screen for screening ceramic decals
and the others to cut up and use in resin or other projects

Creating Glass Fusing Decals - Ceramic Decals and Etching PnP Blue

In preparation for Glass, Ceramic and Copper Etching I'll walk you through what I use to create the decals and etch sheets.  Then the preparation of the materials to put them on.  So there is going to

For Fusing on Glass I purchased some Glass Decals from A.A.E. Glass Art. You can purchase as many as you want.  They are simple to use.  They work on the premise that you need a laser printer whose toner contains iron oxide.  I found that the HP laser printers that use the 12A toner cartridges have one of the higher iron oxide contents.  The sheets come with seperation tissue sheets that you can use after printing to stack so you dont scratch your toner off the decal till you use it.

The best artwork is a good black line drawing - you can have some shade but you have to remember that this is going to turn into a sepia drawing. These decals give you clean crisp lines. (some of my finished pieces)

Here is my zentangle drawing -  black and white  on the decal sheets. 8-1/2 x 11
the top is without the tissue cover sheet.  This way I can cut out the pieces I want (will show that when I get to it)
The printed sheet is glossy with the toner on top of the shiny side (you have to figure out on your printer how you feed it in so that it prints on the glossy side) I did a full sheet and will be able to cut out from different areas of the sheet for my glass blanks.


The paper I use to create the etching tansfer is called PnP Blue  and can be purchased from Radio Shack and other locations that sell products for PCB board etching.
Again a laser printer is best used for the image transfer.  This material requires heat - I use a standard Iron.
You print the image on the dull blue  side - as the emulsion is on this side and the toner adheres. Again as I proceed I'll walk it through the process of application and etching.
Hard to see but its black on blue - the toner will transfer to the copper (or silver) and create a resist.
Again - produces an nice crisp image for transfer
(some of my etched pieces)


To follow - waiting on materials to create.  I'll be purchasing the ceramic colors and will go through the steps of creating my silk screens to screen the images on the specialty ceramic paper. That alone is a really fun to do - a bit intricate but once you make one you will love doing it.  I did silkscreens when doing glass painting classes.  The cost of having someone make them deters me as they want to create a min of about 72 sheets  which is a bit much - although I could sell them

I've started to make my blanks - these blanks will be for the ceramic decals but I think I'll be using them to paint direct on using ceramic paints or glass paints, pebeo ceramic paints etc.. , to show how you can do low temp  painting on (using just the oven) or even permanent marker and sealing with krylon clear coat.  Many choices to use the blanks - and again I'll do a step by step for each

Making decals for glass and ceramics

 I decided to make my own sheet  (8-1/2 x 11) of Zentangle images (did I mention its way too much fun to sit and make these )I'll print out onto my glass decal paper and fuse- they print out black but when fused are  sepia coloured on the glass   - I'm checking around to see what the cost of  getting ceramic decals made so that they are black and white. Someone else has already done this so its not an original idea -although I've been thinking about doing it for about a year- need to jump on things faster.
Also had some items out of the kiln

Fresh out of the Kiln - 9-20-11

All bisque - made some small flowers, that I'll use to make some necklaces- using a bead for the center
Some hearts and steampunk gear pendants

Not much happening

The weekend was a bust getting any crafts done - final move for my daughter to her new house.  I did glaze some bisque pieces with some new glazes I got a Tuckers Pottery.  One is called Old Copper and it came out really nice as well as the gunmetal - different and that is what I like.
Did another cuff bracelet using the old copper color.
Here is the gunmetal color

My  Sand Dollars I just glazed clear on the white  and they came out nice for pendants .

I made some odd shapes that I want to incorporate maybe some PMC

I definitely have to start something this week - more ceramic beads and get started lampworking glass beads at least - maybe once I start I should be in the mood...... I have a lot of new ideas I want to try for my upcoming show as I like to have new items to show - and some of my old that people like to look at -  need to cut up some fused glass sheets and get them done and added to the pile.

New Toy - Cuttlebug

I've wanted one for a long time but never at a location that had one in stock
So not only this week do I find a local stamp and scrapbook store  (Class Act in Oshawa ) only 10 min from work on way home (stopped tonight to check them out )  they had a cuttlebug in stock .
They also have some great stamps and cuttlebug textures.
The ones here are the little floral that came with it and a sweet steampunk set.  Clean and crisp on 36g copper sheet I like to use -

started playing with some more clay - used to make lentils with my PMC clay  so I'm making some in ceramic clay - - save your light bulbs they are great for forming the lentils on

I dry my clay either just sitting to dry or hot plates (I have a big hot plate ) or I'll use my dehydrator to dry out pieces

I've got a lot of work to do - box full of bisque to paint

One of the last items to unpack are my rubber stamps - I've just started to work with them on my clay and the sooner I get them out the more I can use them
I have three full totes and another tote full of unmounted rubber stamps and roller stamps

I have a ton of other items to use with my stamps - lots of stamps, color pads, paper, and accessories just sitting - once I make my false wall I'll get them all out and have full access to all my stamps - most of which I don't even remember having .......

Upcoming Posts - Step by Step Projects

  • Have you ever followed a step by step project from a magazine
  • Revisions to the Pump/oil set up for Ringinator
  • New Lampwork
  • Where to buy Beads
  • Where to buy equipment  & tools 
  • Step by Step Jewelry Projects - simple bead projects
  • Step by Step Earing Projects
  • Step by Step Copper Etching projects
  • Step by Step Jump Ring Jewelry 
  • Step by Step for Ceramics
  • Step by Step for PMC
  • Step by Step for Enamel Beads
so stay tuned Lots to come in the next few months 

Too Busy - to Blog

Have been tied up with the closing on my daughters  house and moving some items last weekend  and cleaning .  Hopefully she will be completely moved in this weekend and I can go back to the studio and work on some ideas in the clay and glass areas.

- its cooled off sufficiently to start lampworking again and I need to get a ton of work done for my November show.  I keep saying I have lots of time but it always creeps up on me - I try to make a large quantity of new items (e.g. clay bezels) so that by the time the show comes I have an assortment of new items to show and sell.
Going to work on clay flower beads this weekend and some boro beads for my bubble necklaces and earings - would like to make a dozen necklaces but each necklace requires 38 beads
  and a dozen of my ruffle necklace that needs 75 each of the ruffles

So I'll really need to knuckle down after Saturday and get a  move on making new items

Speaking of Metal Clay

Its been a while since I played with my metal clay - I have a lot of silver clay (PMC is my preference) Hadar Jacobsons copper powder metal clay to try and some bronze clay -   I should get them out and work with it since I've been playing with ceramic clays - I'm trying same basic techniques - its a bit pricy but wow I love working with it .  I had my first class with Celie Fago at Pennsylvania Beadfest I think in 2003 -got certified under the Rio Grande certification with Chris Darway - lucky enough to have him only about 1/2 hour from home for classes. This is one of my first pieces (actually still have it )

other examples of pmc and  my dichroic fused glass

Easy Metal Clay 2011 Magazine - Digital Edition

Lapidary Journal is running an old submission of my PMC Dichroic Mosaic Bracelet
see my website for copy - http://www.deborahread.com/lapidaryjournaldec2005.htm
back in 2005  and a digital version in what looks like a new magazine called Easy Metal Clay -  can be purchased at the interweave store -  I  came across it last night and didnt even know it was being published again..... Interesting..... I always say Old is New again