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Perfectly Twisted Blog site - has new tutorial for Wire Weaving

Heads UP ! ---

Perfectly Twisted - has a new tutorial -  for all of you interested in wire weaving - she has a wonderful amazing site on how too's , tutorials - step by step -  amazing work

Bangles - bangles bangles

More bangles - with the new roller
and a big o'l twisted copper - Did get much time in the studio even though it was warm (its 60F this morning in the studio so will be going up tonight to play -  made bangles and cleaned up my glass table in prep to play yesterday - but am catching a bad cold
The big twisted is made with copper tubing that I bought at home depost - very small tubing - annealed it to make it soft (two pieces)  and then twisted the two together
the next larger one over to the right is also made with the tubing - annealed and run through the new roller  - picked up some of the pattern - still not happy  and the last two are 14b run through the mill
I need to really patina them all to get a really nice color and it will show up the patterns better - more to come

New Deep Bangle Bracelet Roller

Couldnt hold out - had to go up to freezing studio and put the new roller in and make some samples - its about  28 degrees in the studio right now - I turned the heaters on plus its getting warmer out so maybe by tomorrow it will be about 40

the roller

the quick samples - 1-7  with 14g  

The patterns are deeper and more apparent and for larger gauge wire which is great 
I may want to anneal them first to make them softer to pass through the mill but thats for tomorrow - I have tons to do today and a luncheon to go to  so not really a lot of time - so these were rushed and I am seeing I amy not have set quite correctly to get the patterns clearly - but I'll bring up my solder and stuff and make bangles tomorrow from these samples anyway


Dont forget about the November Give-A-Way  click here to jump to the thread

No cost to you - anyone can join in  - I mail to anywhere in the world -  come join the fun

My new deep bangle pattern roller is in !

Going to have to brave the cold and try this out on sunday - (thats the warmest of the two days ) cant wait -  nice deep pattern grooves all the way along (still in its grease ) but could not wait to open

And yet..... more bangles and patterns from the Mill

I left heaters on in the studio on Saturday while I was at the BeadFX trunck show so that when I got home it was warmer (40 and sometimes up to 50 degrees) so I could unload and start putting things away .  I spent Sunday organizing and cleaning up for the winter and putting liquids into a couple of storage boxes to take to the house so they don't freeze (pretty sure I've forgotten a few things but I hope to find the rest by the weekend)

Having the heaters on - let me play Sunday (with a couple of fleece jackets on so I of course cleaned and played with copper wire

put in another of  the new rollers I got a week or so ago  - its kind of great exchanging them out as you clean and re-dress the threaded screws to maintain the rolling mill - I thought it would be a pain but its so simple - I still need to fix it to a board so I can clamp it down while in use

so I made of course more samples to see what the patterns turn out like 14g and 16g - I love them - and of course made more of those twisted bracelets too. (16g copper)  - I just have to patina

I did try using some new copper w/flux solder from Rio - not bad to use (I am just bad at it) and I started using my little smith  torch with bottled oxy and mapp -   I think I'll get my propane bottle filled and bring up one of my oxy cons and set it up in the spring

anyway - love making these bracelets


Dont forget about the November Give-A-Way  click here to jump to the thread

No cost to you - anyone can join in  - I mail to anywhere in the world -  come join the fun

New Toys

Yesterday I received my "Now Thats A Jig" in the mail  (ordered it at the Creative Festival - havnt used it yet - but its in the plans Now That's a Jig! WireLiftr and HexWrench Toolmine came with a lifter and a swivelNow That's a Jig! SwiveLok Accessory (not sure what that is  for yet but I got one)
and I ordered a round bracelet mandrel from Guesswein Canada
although I like making the oval (I have the oval one at home and like making oval bracelets - but some like round so now I have both

Another Pattern Roller - could not help myself

Otto Frei had a really supper roller - deeper than the ones I have - could not help myself  (actually they have three that I want ) this one interested me the most

Its going to make some sweet  bangles