WOW -  97 VENDORS INCLUDING MYSELF  - all hand made products only ! 2-1/2 days this weekend -  
Not sure how big the BEAD OASIS was but it was mostly retail items and not all hand made products

Cant wait to pack up my car tomorrow night  and drive over on Friday morning !

Pulled out the Scan N Cut

I wanted to make a template - I had the pattern in a black outline silhouette so I scanned and cut it out in stencil material - so simple with this machine

I have a cricut expressions 2  but I find I can do more on the Scan n cut - although I wish I had the new one which is like the cricut air

I also quickly made some price tags for my slumped wine bottles for the weekend


Getting ready for my one big indoor show for this year - starts  Friday at 5pm to 9 and then 10-4 on Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday

Its in Peterborough Ontario -  only 1 hour from the house and not downtown Toronto - so traffic is not going to be bad -  dont have to be there till 10:30am to start set up - and my set up is the full scale grid system  -and this will be first full set up - was going to have my granddaughter help but other things got in the way so she cant go - so I have to lug all the stuff myself

if you are in the area


Morrow Building
155 Lansdowne St. W
Peterborough, ON 

Admission $ 3.00
Children under 12 FREE with Adult
FREE Parking
Wheelchair Accessibility

BOHO in the works

in the works - still needs some work and to affix the glass dichro cab 

Boho Rings

Got some cabs in today for the rings  - I partialy made one on the weekend - just have to put a ball on the shank and tumble - got a good etch with my zentangle art  - practiced soldering  so pretty good weekend - although its prep for 3 day show this weekend

10mm cabs - they are not the tall cabs 

Great Silver Etch

Got a great silver etch from the print on magazine paper transfer

This old school transfer system is not only  less expensive that PnP but works as well
a little extra effort to burnish and rub the paper off -  but still works great

I sat in my extremely chilly studio - didnt think that 2-1/2 hours would feel so long in the cold - I should have put on a heater - but I bundled up into my favorite lounger with a blanket and watched Netflix and surfed the web and drew a new ring template
(going to use my vinyl template blanks and electric cutter to make permanent templates )

but I was please with the Nitrate etch  - 2 hours
I used my zentangle design - reduced it down to size - that way I get more design per inch  on the smaller item I am making  -  my original design is 8-1/2 x 11  so I just resized in word and printed on the magazine with my HP older laser printer

I measured the water needed (I use a small glass dish to fit the 3x3" size piece of silver - so I would use less ferric nitrate -  I warmed the water up in the microwave -  then added the ferric nitrate  (from the ScienceCompany.com )  I set it on my hot plate to keep it warm
I put packing tape on the back - just like I do the copper  then suspended it with packing tape (be sure to get it taped without any lifting) from side to side - do not let it touch the bottom - all the same rules as etching copper -  I agitate every 1/2 hour - I lift to ensure no bubbles have gotten stuck on the plate -  I check at an hour to see if etching (I just use a popsicle stick to feel if there is any etch )  then again at 2 hours  - fresh nitrate seems to give me a good deep etch at 2 hours -  a more surface etch at 1.5 hours -  I want to see how the ring turns out with a deep etch.   so next is to take my new template (when I get it cut possibly tonight) and outline the design where I want it and then to sawing with my Knew Concept saw again -

Finally got the printed magazine to transfer

I finally got some time and wanted to try the printed image on magazine to my silver for the boho ring

the first try  on Monday night I think - almost worked as I tried my industrial hot plate - but I did not think it was hot enough

tonight I turned up one more on the dial and it worked - but.... I think some of the colour from the magazine transferred as well - but I am going to etch anyway - and take my chances - I'll have to try and get magazine pages without color to print on
this is a 3" x 3" piece of sterling silver sheet - it will be in the etching bath for about 2.5 hours 

I have looked all over my studio for my electric stencil cutter and plastic sheets - nada - cant find it - I had the stencil blanks only in the summer  and I know I had the cutter around then too 

so I went out today - to get new - so it should show up any time now 
I want to cut my own template designs so I can keep them 

Smith Little Torch with Oxygen Concentrator set up

the first half of setting up the Smith Little torch  so that I dont have to use those annoying little tanks is the oxygen side - In most cases you dont need much oxy to run the torch and an oxy con will give you oodles of oxy - I found the torch ran better with the oxy con -

I already had oxy cons (2) set up for my lampworking torch - they are set up so the run from each oxy con to a T connector to a single hose then to my torch

For the Smith I only need to use one of the concentrators so I just undid one of the  fittings and put a new one that is connected to some clear aquarium hose (thats the size I used so that the flow was not lost in a larger hose )

then I ran it over to my soldering station at least 15 ft ) -  put another  fitting on - then put a No. 30 brass coupler  that fits in the green fitting -  and fits on the green oxy nut to the smith torch

when using an oxy con you need to leave the valve open and you will hear the oxy hissing -  the reason is the alarm will go off on the oxy con if the flow is restricted -   so when you light your torch you need to turn off the oxy for a short bit (under 30 seconds is good) light your propane and then turn on the oxy -  you may have to adjust your oxy con so that it is producing less depending on how it reacts - alarm may sound if flow is too small but reducing the level LPM  would help - I usually lampwork at full LPM for each oxy con

Next will be setting up the small proapne tank (its not as big as the bbq tank ) I just need to get mine filled - but you do need a gauge on it  and I hope I have enough fittings to hook it up but it lasts a long time on one fill

First Boho Ring finished

With little time - I finally finished today the boho ring
I am still waiting on my tucker shot plates, wavy bezel wire, ball wire - I found another use for my dichro dots I have sitting

not sure if I like shiny or liver of sulpher

Knew Concept Saw is great

The Knew Concept Saw is great - easy to use and I find much more balanced than the old metal saws - or maybe its just cause I like the cool aluminum red  body

I do find it lighter - and I got the new lever action version 3"  - so much easier to change blades and really cool on how you can adjust the tension as your sawing

Leslie Villerreal has a great sawing tutorial on you tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dacy4U4eTA    In fact she has many on you tube to watch

I had issues when I started as I am just not a person who saws much but after practice on my wonky copper ring  I then did the silver one you saw in an earlier thread - much neater and more even
but this is the copper beside the silver -  note the wonky balance to the design - that is totally my fault for not outlining properly where I wanted to saw
 this is the stamp I used to stamp onto the silver and copper and etch (copper is ferric chloride and silver is ferric nitrate ) both simple to use
used the staz on to stamp onto the metal 

will be trying the magazine print transfer to put patterns on metal 
sort of like PnP paper - as a resist
you can take the glossy magazine paper - in this case an old Rio Grande catalogue from 2010 ( I knew I was saving it for something)  and printed through my laser printer  (must be laser printer) then I will use my hot plate to put metal down and then piece of pattern to fit metal and burnish it onto the metal - I'll show this but you can see on another Leslie video of how to etch silver

If you get a chance - do this class for the Boho Rings 

Working on a Boho Ring

I knew this month was going to be tight to work on new projects - Thanksgiving weekend - next weekend is the Creative Festival where I will be teaching  Beginners Bead Making for Nortel Mfg. on Thursday and Friday and getting ready for the month end show that is three days -
I highly recomend the  Leslie Kail Villarreal  Boho Ring Class - online - videos - step by steps and a ton of helpful hints on the private facebook page for those that take the class  the ling is   http://lesliekailvillarreal.com/

I didnt get much done but I did run up yesterday  and got to etch some silver - (Leslie has a video on her site on how to etch silver - a great step by step )

Today I attempted sawing (something I dont do often or well) but her videos on the Knew Concept saw are great and actually I was enjoying sawing by the time I finished

I annealed and bent into a ring  and soldered the ring closed -  I kept it simple  no second piece soldered -  so I just want to add a bezel and some silver balls - my shot plate may be here by the time I get to the next stages

I hope to have time to do more to it - its pretty basic and a wonky design but all in all I enjoyed it so far

I even broke open the over 20 year old boxes of  stones and gems I've been saving for this type of project - a particular blue one I really like is going on this one


The winner of the Dragon Eye for September is SHAIHA - I will contact you by email  or you can contact me   at dread@deborahread.com   with your mailing address

Congratulations !!!!!  

I will be posting another give-a-way for October by Tomorrow