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Trying to  find other supplies locally  for electroforming  and etching - DYI

One item  I need is  Copper Sulphate  (need this for electroforming as well )  and I found it locally at HH Goods in Uxbridge

Another item  is Sodium Bisulphate  which can also be used for pickling  - so double duty on that
local supplier in Ontario   DH Jutzi  - 50lb  bags  but I'll use it up quickly as pickle or give some away

DH Jutzi also carries Ferric Chloride in 5 gal pails - which is very useful so when I order the Sodium  Bisulphate I'll order a 5 gal pail  and have delivered at same time

Graphite powder -  found it at currys art supplies

Copper powder - found at Sculpture supply in Toronto  and ordered when I ordered my new quart of Permalac sealer

graphite powder and copper powder - are to experiment and see if I can make my own conductive paint for electroforming -

this weekend is set up the etching stations and get to etching items this weekend - sheets for the etsy shop and some new items

I will do a refresher on etching as well this weekend


GROW YOUR BLOG - Jan 25, 2015 -

The winner of the Grow Your Blog - Give-A-Way is:  Cheri, the Quilting Nanny

you can get in touch with me at  but I will try and contact you through your blog -  Congratulations

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The Grow Your Blog is a wonderful idea to help grow your blog 

I hope that all will enjoy and learn from my blog - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask -  I have a variety of crafts that I do and share on the blog.

As part of this event I am having a special  Give-A-Way-

will be a small turtle pendant on a silver pated necklace - ready to wear 


 From the list of those that comment below -  I will randomly pick a winner on February 15, 2015

To qualify - just leave a comment on this thread 

You do not have to pay for anything - I will ship worldwide free of charge 

I would love to increase my followers and you can do that by going to the side bar on the right and become a follower.

I hope you enjoy my blog- Happy Reading !

Thanking you all for reading and joining

I'll be leaving this post up all week before adding new items just to catch everyone jumping around the blog hop

A little over half way through the blog hop - a lot of great and interesting blogs out there

Grow your Blog this Weekend

The Grow Your Blog event
2 Bags Full
is this weekend and I will be posting a Give-A-Way  that will go from the 24th to Feb 16  so stay tuned for the posting

The Flow Magazine Article - is out

The Flow Magazine Article is out  - just got my copies - my how to paint on glass and apply to a hot bead is on the inside 

Fresh Fish

Was able to do some lampworking last week  before my daughter moved out

this week is claim my house back and get ordganized and then I can start doing lots of things in my kitchen and in the basement studio without worry that the kids will get into it (its more the chemicals for the etching I worry about )  So I look forward to getting down to the basement more and working on more etching in the next month

I will put up a give-a-way this month - probably tonight to trek to the  cold frozen studio for something to post


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year !  and hoping that 2015 is going to be a great craft year