My one new commitment is to  start blogging again and to start blogging again means I need to start working in my studio and craft room on a more frequent basis 

If all goes well  I should be finally able to do a show in July and to do that I need to make a lot of things in preparation.

I already contacted  the Purple Turtle committee to make sure I get a spot ,  bought a new pop up tent  for the show.

In preparation I thought I would look back at that long list of things I wanted to get done  in 2020  (yes 2020 ) 

1. Create a Vitrograph kiln and set it up - I purchased all the fixins for this years ago and have the kiln so just need to build a set up to pull from - NOPE Totally forgot about this almost right away but I may work on this project in 22

2. Clean up and get all my daughters boxes  stored to the back corner - almost did this last year - enough so I could walk around the studio 
3. Get all my books and magazines (that are in totes from my downstairs room that got taken over by my daughter )  either stored/stacked to back of studio or get some bookcases  to get some of them out and accessible - I moved them around but they are not truly accessible but I know where they are 
4.  clean up my Pen turning equipment area  (I left it a mess during the winter ) Ughhh no  - this spring for sure 
5. Clean up BIG kiln area so I can get in and start fusing - yes I cleaned it all up and now I have filled that area again since winter 
6. Clean up my wine bottle area - its overflowing with bottles - sort of  still needs work 
7.  Work on Some PMC Clay - nope
8. Do more steel etching plates- nope
9. Do more copper etching - earrings, pendants, bracelets- nope 
10. Make more recycled glass Plates (round and square  min 50)- nope
11. Make more recycled glass candle holders (min 50 )- nope
12. Make more fish  large and small-nope
13 Make more cats regular and  fat Paddy-nope
14 Make more lamp work jewelry  (bubble necklaces min 10)-nope
15 Paint and finish a tiger  or any other painted  project -nope
16 Make painted beads-nope
17 Make more turtles -nope
18 make more dragon eyes-nope
19 make more hearts-nope
20 Make more  ceramic  pattern sheets for fusing-nope

pretty much  no to all the list althought I did make an attempt last summer - but its gung how from this point on 

reworking my indoor craft room - new storage towers and tables  so I have access to my bookcases and better storage  I hope to be 1/2 way done this weekend  excited about the new  mobile storage towers  for paper and  materials 

so keep coming back - I should have new things posted soon