Re-arranging work area

Over the months things have been piling up on my work tables and at some point its so messy I need to clean up - I built a new shelf over the work table and cleaned up so now I can work without pushing things out of the way - I do have to rearrange the lights so its not over top of the shelf - possibly put one on each side

and I cleaned up my etching area- the table was stained with the ferric and it cleaned up using the lysol toilet bowl cleaner (the one with the goose neck - blue gel) 
same stuff I used to clean the sink and got all the stains off and a little on your fingers takes the stains out as well 
got a plastic table cloth at the dollar store and another cookie sheet to put under the glass container on the hot plate  and another plastic container to keep my chemicals in in case of drips etc..  so happy to have those areas cleaned up 
still have quite a few more areas to move around and clean up but now I can work on my etching better

But like I say - I can spend more time cleaning, moving things around and not getting anything made or finished  - but maybe tomorrow 


  1. OMGoodness! Seems to me that re-arranging, reorganizing and cleaning up is a constant process, like cleaning the kitchen between meals. Ha ha! But it feels so good to be done with it, huh! Definitely gonna keep your tips handy. TFS!

  2. I'm envious that you have your rearranging and cleaning done! It is so hard to do. I tend to find things I forgot about and get lost in that and never get the rest done. It is always nice to keep the chemical area cleaned up! Kudos to you!