Busy Friday

I cleaned and re prepped my thin bracelets and put the PnP resist on them by the same method as before

some still had some spots that needed a touch up so I used the stop-out varnish 

Once done I put them in the etch 

I like the premium tape I had to get from Canada post - the thiner stuff is ok but I like the stiffness to this tape 

I'll clean them up on Sunday and get them ready for patina and sealing 
I only did 10   so I'll do another 10  as well sometime this week 
Using the heat press really does cut down the time 

Also made the birthday cakes for my granddaughter 
The pig cake
and the rainbow cake right out of the oven
with leftover batter made some cupcakes and we cut one open just to see what it looked like 
was amazing cant wait to cut into the cake

 The final rainbow cake with homemade butter cream icing and rainbow sprinkles

was a pretty good day - but it was hot out  

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