Pot Melts out of the Kiln

I think its a success

The pots dont come appart
not a big deal 

Here are better shots of what was left in the pots and what the bottoms looked liked (it all came out as one piece)


what they looked like with the pieces 

The first I only had to tap and the piece fell out as did the 2nd the third was a bit stuck but came out without too much effort
as you can see the ones with the black and darker colors came out way too dark to see the effect - but no problem the structure is right

the lighter color one - wow - I love it



they are a bit thick but I am going to fire down and smooth the edges and thin it out more -  so I ground the edges to get any of the pottery clay off (where it slightly stuck) and sanded the back to get some of the shelf primer off and put it back into a kiln so I'll have that later today

but from this experiment  I can now figure out what I want to do -

I'll use the little pots - get some of my stainless steel  to stand it on instead of another pot  and possibly make a barrier with the stainless (like you get for making eggs in a pan - round ) and line it with thick fiber paper.

that way I can maybe get it lower to fit in the smaller kiln (although it does not matter for me but make it easier for others that have the smaller kilns)

or I am gong to make my own little melts - from an accident that happened when I tried to put decals on some beads
these are the pics of the results - they are broken as I dropped them when I took them out

I put on mandrels and fired up and they made their own melts

this would be great for small klns as you can sit and let them melt and see and have better control

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