Almost finished Zentangle Copper Pendants

I finished them off with some liver of sulfur - I like using this new gel form - easy to use

 and cleaned them up using the dremel , split mandrel and sand paper - dipped them in the permalac and hung them to dry -
 I have a fan going for air circulation in the studio  but it also helps in drying - only takes minutes
I found my engraved zentangle pieces - they are small 
The copper piece fits right into the open circle so I used it as a template
I grind it as round as  possible and keep fitting it in the pendant
I also ground the back thinner as well to get it more level with the piece 
decided I didnt want to have it too high

I use a regular inland grinder 
I set them with my resin - which is a two part epoxy and works just as well as glue 
they dont look like little spaceships any more 
All in all - I think they turned out exactly how I pictured them in my mind and I think they are finished 

I am seeing some possible wire wrapping around the pendant - holes - that double wire weaving etc..   I ll have to try something before putting extra holes in them 

some funky ideas


  1. They would look great with tear drop dangles.

    1. yes leaning towards dangles -plain wire or make some etched dangles hmmmmmm