Rainy Hot Saturday- new soldered zentangle etched discs

Be careful what you wish for -  hot and humid - but rainy Saturday -  Have my granddaughter for the weekend
we started with a trip to the dump and workd our way up to the studio
While I got her painting

Making an indoor hopscotch

I made a tester for another piece - took the earring blank - did a hole - punched ends and dapped

worked out the way I want so I put a bunch of etched pieces together 

 and started cleaning them up and I'll work on them some time this week

What I really wanted to do was something I've been thinking about for the last two weeks of putting together 

Its a large round zentangle etched copper piece - which I stamped with my staz on and zentangle rubber stamp 

I punched out a center hole and dapped it 

and I got another disc (one that would be slightly larger than the hole- and dapped it so that it created a deep well 

and put on the back  and soldered it  
out of the pickle - looks awful 

but a little rub not so bad 

all cleaned up 

I love to use the dremel with the split mandrel and sandpaper
It has a well in the center

I had this idea of adding some glass flowers  to make a pendant /broach

but once I had it together the ones I made were too big  

but of course I started to make more 
got more prepped for sunday assembly 

but I did solder another 
and did not dap as deep 

of course I wanted to see what I could put in the center - ideally I want one of my zentangle engraved but nothing on hand so I did up a dichro piece 
Unfired fits 
fired - is smaller - I'll have to remember that 
but it gives me an idea of what I want for the center setting 


  1. Love it! Oh the possibilities of what to put in the well. I like that the dichro ended up smaller. And I love the colors you used in the dichro. Would you please share what gauge copper sheeting you general use? TFS! Love your work!

    1. 18G is my standard - I like to deep etch and the 18g is sturdier for my projects