What Tools and Materials Do I Need To Copper Etch

I am currently building a supplier side bar on the blog  and will eventually fill it with the suppliers I am using to obtain materials or where you can obtain materials  that I sell to.  Especially as a follow up to my classes so that there is a location to go to to follow up on all we talked about.

I thought I would also list out what basic tools and materials you need to start up for different types of projects - etching copper,   torch enamelling (bead and flat ) , lampworking  etc...

Today I will list out the Copper Etching Basic necessities - this will give you an idea of what you need to gather to start etching

As always safety is important - wear eye protection

Copper pieces  18-24 G
Ferric Chloride - 42 Baum
Packing Tape
Rubber Gloves
Glass container (I use a  large glass baking dish from the Dollar Store)

Steel Wool (000-0000)
220 Sand paper
Goo Gone (to clean off tape residue)
Acetone (to clean off stazon )
Windex (clean fingerprints before stamping)

StazOn Stamp Pad (I use white)
Resits Pens /Staedlter red is a good resist
Rubber Stamp

Sealer (Permalac EF)
copper wire to use as hooks to dip and hang piece for drying
Nail File


  • Hot Plate - an electric fry pan set to warm works great but a small coffee warmer will work as well if you have a small container you can sit on it - heat is not necessary but it does speed up the process
  • Foam Nail Files - to support more than one item when taping 
  • Penny Brite cleaner- additional cleaner 
  • Sand Blaster- do not have to use chemicals to clean 
  • Dremel with split mandrel for sandpaper- less elbow grease 
  • PnP Blue resist- another resist
  • Resist pens 


  1. Thank you! It's always a big help to have a check list when preparing for a new project. And knowing where to get things is a huge help too!

  2. Thanks for including these tools this in your blog.