More EtchedCopper Pipe

I got the smaller pipe into the ferric today
The pipe was a little shorter so I poured a little out 
and I didnt have a plug so I had to use some Plasticine to seal the bottom 
filled it with sand and put the post in so it sat between two pieces of tape 

Left it for about 2-1/2 hours (no heat)
Nice etch 

cuts it rather nicely 
Clean and deep 

So I cut up the pipes - I used a small chop saw for the larger pieces 

The next step is to solder ends onto them 
so they will look like this 


I just have to decide if the ends will be plain or to etch the ends - (might be too much )
I'll get to them soon 

The etching of the washers is not turning out so well - did another batch 
heat press works great with the PnP

what the PnP looks like after transfer 

In the etch for 2-1/2 hours 

not working as well as the stamp - Hmmmmmm  there is some etch but not even as good as the staz on 
seems to soak off - some sort of reaction with the metal and the ferric 
will have to work on this more 


  1. The copper pipe is beautifully etched. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with the pcs.

  2. I haven't tried the PNP yet, but am going to sometime this week. It's interesting that it didn't work quite as well as StazOn ... look forward to seeing your finished work :)

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