Update !

Lots of things happening

Patterns #1 and # 2 are back in stock on Etsy  and there are lots of Hearts as well

Classes went extremely well over the weekend in Ottawa and had a great time with all
The etching class - everyone went home with two pendants and a couple of other items as well  as we had enough time in the 4 hours to get everything done
The enamel on metal beads went well as did the lampwork with enamel class

Had a great drive home  (4-1/2 hours)  and got home before dark on the Sunday

Grace at The Glass Shoppe is a wonderful hostess  and took me to Greekfest friday night after I got there and unloaded all the class materials.  After class on Saturday we went to my favorite Italian Place in Manitoc- one of those with an outdoor venue and a band

I torched a bit last week and made some beads - which I was happy with by the time I finished modifying them.  Nothing special but at least torching :

I'll be working on numberous projects this weekend with the thought that I may be teaching a bracelet class at the Ottawa Bead Show  and going up there and having my own table as well - I have to see if I can swing that

Upcoming right after that is the Creative Craft Festival where I am going to be teaching basic beadmaking for Nortel  then the next week is the Toronto Bead Society show

a Busy 3 weekends in a row in Oct/Nov  - Looking forward to it

I am going to post in the blog a list of suppliers for etching supplies by the weekend as well

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  1. I am so excited with this blog! You make it so interesting and so informative! I purchased some of your pnp paper and just love it! Will purchase a lot more of it! Thank you so much for your guidance!