Out of Stock on Pattern #1 and #2

Unfortunately I am out of Pattern #1  - I ordered in time but when I opened the new box they had sent me my Hearts pattern  (even though I confirmed the pattern #1 with them - they made a boo boo but  they make such good stamps I really cant complain )  so it may take a couple of weeks to get it back in  and I had a run on Pattern #2 so I am out of those too - (actually I have 1 left  and you need to just email me if you want it )
so give it a couple of weeks and the Etsy store will be back up with these Patterns to order in stock

If you have not  been to the store lately - I have added 4" x 3"    sheets of etched copper to the store for those that like to cut their own designs from sheet - these were also made from the rubber sheet and staz-on

Etched 24G Copper Sheet - 3" x 4"  - Zentangle Pattern

I noticed some very lovely small booklets with metal covers - I'll have to find some samples to show - I want to try these as well

Another customer posted on her blog  what she has done with the rubber stamps - amazing work

see her results from using the rubber stamps and staz-on

she did a wonderful job and added edging to her bracelets
cant wait to see them finished


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my etching post, Deborah! Sounds like your stamps are fantastic sellers! I love mine and want to order the third one when you have it in stock.
    Rose Mary

  2. I feel so proud to see people making things with my stamps
    and you did a great job