Soldering Stainless Steel

Off to find this product - can find at caswell in usa but not at my canadian site - but I am going to call them
does copper, stainless steel and brass and buffs up beautifully

Muggy Weld Silver Solder Starter Kit - 4 x 18" Rods

check out the video on the site \
but check out the mfg - wow - so many possibilities \\
shows how to braze copper to stainless tube- the possibilites - o wow \


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  2. I just emailed the supplier to ask if a micro torch will work for small jobs like a jewelry designer would need it for. I'm very new with a torch and am a bit intimidated by a big torch.
    TFS. Looks very cool!

  3. I sometimes use either the little torch but a regular torch from home depot will work just as well - I love the touch start on those and I use it for enameling as well

    Its supposed to be a lower heat about 1100 degrees which the small torch should be able to do - it does look interesting - I hope to get some this week ordered

    1. Thanks for your reply. I also got an answer from that my micro torch ought to be hot enough. Good to hear it from 2 pros! I can hold off on investing in a bigger torch for now.

  4. having one of those Home depot torch heads and a canister of MAPP (yellow bottle) around is fairly inexpensive too - I sometimes find the tiny torch a pain and the bottle torch is great and fast - sits on my bench and all I have to do is grab it - has the push button start

  5. Good news is that Caswell Canada does carry it in stock so I just have to see if there is any other electroplating things I need and I can pick it up on my way home next week (I would do tonight but they are at a car show till next week ) should have checked yesterday .......