Absolutely Nothing - but found a way to adhere PnP to pipe ! yeah

Yup thats what I got done this weekend -  I over heated my PnP on the washers and too lazy to clean off and try again (I left the temp up to  high from pressing t-shirts for my grandaughters birthday party  )  cant find the software for the making my own stamp but so little ambition didnt take me long to loose interest - cleaned some copper pipe  with intent of stamping but just could not get into it -  my last thought was - if only I could put the PnP on the pipe that would be great - but how

BUT today - I downloaded my digital Art Jewelry magazine
ART130901 to find a great article by Chris Darway( Page 20 - Roll Tape)  (he is a silversmith - has great ideas and I did my PMC Rio Grande Certification with him long ago - taught me many things about metals and PMC)  any way I digress -   In the article he talks about different tapes, how to take off the sticky leftover substances (which I was also thinking about this week cause I hate that part ) and amazingly enough he talked about silicone tape to adhere the PnP to the copper pipe - I am so going to try this
I love the digital version - I get it before the hard copy and I always have it to look up things \


  1. In your frame of reference, what does PnP stand for? Googled it for def. and none made sense.

  2. Press N Peel - see PnP Techniks the mfg
    waxy resist on a sheet that you can print on