Sepia Decal on Ceramic Blanks

I am very excited - I am going to Pine Tree Potters Guild in Aurora Ontario  next weekend for an image transfer class with Chris Snedden - -  I so cant wait ! My mind is working overtime on what I want to do with image transfers - as part of the class and to speed it up  we had to send in a black and white image and he makes up a screen of the artwork we want to use in class and I sent my zentangle - Did I say I so cant wait ! I can use it for both glass and for ceramics -  did I say I cant wait !

So  tonight I finished gluing bales onto the the black and white pendants and put everything onto cards and packed for the show - now onto the next batch of goodies.

 I decided I was going to experiment with my ceramic blanks I made last week to  see what happens when I use the sepia decals on ceramics   - the blanks are glazed - so that they float on easily.

Here they are (I applied a decal to both sides )  dont they look great in black and white - soon I'll get them black and white - but hopefully they will be the sepia color in the morning .It will be different - I hope

I am not sure till I see what I have in the morning - either over fire the decal and have a bunch of brownish blanks or they will be ok - fingers crossed 

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