Fused Glass Blanks - Step 3 Adding Decal to Glass Blank

Now that I have my blanks I can add my decal
I have a full sheet so I can cut strips and cut the sizes I need to put onto the blanks. I did some that were just on the vanilla and some that ran over onto the Carmel to see what they would look like.  I cut then I trimmed the corners so they were rounded

Once I had the size I wanted I put into warm water - they say face down but for me it did not matter
You leave in until it starts to pull away from backing - just touch and slide a bit - pick up at put the starter edge on the glass blank (dont worry you can move it around once all on the blank)

slide the paper out from under the decal till it is all on the blank.

Once all on the blank - I use paper towel and dab the water and work from centre to edge pushing the water out. As it comes out the paper-towel soaks it up.  Dab a few more times.
Once dabbed dry just put to side as it needs to dry before firing.

Once dry then they can be put into the kiln.  This is a slightly larger kiln I have that allows me to put 16 of them all at once.  Fire to decal spec - Keep your eye on them so you dont over-fire as it will burn off the sepia toner.

Some people put glass caps on but I find they distort the nice clean line of the artwork.

In our next step I put a thin layer of liquid glass frit. and it seals my image onto the piece and leaves a nice crisp clear image.

I plan on putting decals onto my beads as well - hopefully in the next week I'll make some bead blanks and start working on those as well - same process except I'll make the beads on mandrels and then add the decal and refire in the fusing kilns.


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