Fusing Glass Blanks - applying cover coat to fired decals

The decals are out of the kiln  ( I may have over fired a tad and are not as dark as I like, but they still look good ) That is why its good to have a timer around your neck - I couldn't find any last night. And I was engrossed in doing another Zentangle page.
Once they are out I use a product called Fusemaster Super Spray - its an overcoat that helps prevent Detrification on glass - but I dont use it for that purpose - I use as an overcoat to seal my decal and put a glossy protective finish over the decal that leaves the images clean and clear. I find capping with a piece of glass distorts your image - this gives you crisp lines and the overcoat protects the image.

It can be sprayed or applied with a brush - using a liberal amount I applied with a brush
Its hard to see but it must contain an alcohol as it dries after application to a white surface finish
Then its into the kiln where I fire to about 1425 or until the surface becomes clear. Again watch your temps and time .

Results tomorrow night

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