Screen Printing on Glass and Ceramic- YUDU

I spotted this product a few years ago (or more) when it came out and thought I might buy.
It takes a lot of the prep work away from preparing screens, and coming up with lighting for exposures etc.

Looks great and I think I'll pick one up as it will resolve my glass printing issues - my emulsion sheets are out of date.  This makes it look easier than what I used to do - I just will use my reusche black trace as my ink for the glass and possibly the ceramic

I used to make T-shirts a very long time ago and this looks like a great little machine - has exposure unit, and dryer all in one

My previous glass screen set up entailed - a metal garbage can, outdoor spot light, piece of glass and multiple wooden and metal screens - so this looks compact

Just checking out the prices and I'll let you know the range

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