Sublimation - converted 7620 Epson Work Force

 Previously I set up a std 8-1/2 x 11 printer to print my images  I learned I wanted BIGGER  and found you could convert older models of the Epson Work Force printers -  you just have to find one - hope it works and then  upgrade it -  You can buy  refillable cartridges which are fine but to refill you use a syringe- messy and  time consuming -  but I found on Ali Express  what is called a continuous ink supply system CISS. 

I found  one in Mt. Forest Ontario  pricy at 70.00 but in the end well worth it - they said working  and it was -  I took out the existing cartridges  and put in the CISS system for the 7620  which prints 8-1/2 x 11,  8-1/2 x 14,  11 x 17  and 13 x 19  (plus other  customizable sizes ) I followed the instructions  on filling and putting the cartridge in and the outside eco tank - (you fill the tank like you do the eco tanks - easy and you can actually see if you have any ink left )  - the only issue were the hoses - they get in the way but you end up leaving the lid open a little and in my case I put an elastic  and a hook  to keep the  hoses free from getting run over by the ink cart.   Works like a dream - love it - note that you should print weekly to keep the heads from drying out - 

find the right CISS system from Ali Express - took less than 3 weeks to get  under 50.00 for sure 

installed with hoses on outside 

tank on side - this is on desk but it needs to be about the height of the heads as its gravity feed 

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