Scrapbook - Handmade Album - Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Album 

Handmade from scratch - binding and center and pages  - did all the outside binding etc  and then added paper 

Not finished but almost - got a lot done at my  retreat at Younique  Scrapbooking Retreat - so much fun and relaxing 

the cover has the title - if you can see the rabbit is a bit 3d ish with layers - the clock was a die cut out and layered to create a more 3d look  same with the works - so cut about 4 layers and glued them togeterh and added  metal corners 
The Binder consists of  6 pages and 6 inserts - I love the pattern of this album - lots of space 

Inside cover  - the queen is covered in  enamels and there are pocket tags 

front of first page on right is tie down 
the front of first page is a fold out 

front of fold out 

inside first page fold out 
2nd and 3rd page fold out 

back of 1st page and front of 2nd page 

back of 2nd page front of 3rd 

back of 3rd and front of 4th 
back of 4th and front of 5th 
back of 5th and front of 6th 
 lost count it seems I think this is actually back of 6th and back of album
back of album before  fold out 

loved making the mirror - have a mirror frame mold and made from epoxy 

put this cool pull flip  cant remember which page 
here it is closed 

Still have some finishing touches to do  



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