Powder on Fiber paper - Minnow

I was very enthused when I saw  a fish done with the fiber on paper - unfortunately the mold for it is 19" and the biggest kiln I have at this time is 12"  so I  have to think about that big kiln again -  I so want to make big bowls and  even sinks (I have the slumping molds for both)  so I need a kiln greater than 19" or more -  I have a local kiln maker called Tuckers that makes great kilns - and this would save me  money in shipping as I can pick up  - I will have to work this out and see how it goes - but I probably wont get one till next spring - too many things around the house need fixing

so comparatively  what I did this weekend was to make some basic tiny fish - compared to the 19"  - so minnows

from bottom - painted clear cap -  drawing - two powder on fiber paper - note that I realized I had to do it backwards as I like the paint reversed so I had to make two and then painted another to match 

still in the kiln but the bottom one was superb 

this is just the painted cap on the fused powder on paper with some fill powder before firing 

I also did a painted on to check it out 

this mornings minnow 


  1. Your finished "minnow" is spectacular!!!! I don't understand what you mean by "paint". What is the paint you are using and how are you doing it? Is it done on the fiber or on glass?

  2. I paint the clear glass cap - reverse painting - I do it for my eyes - my beads - all kinds of things - I use the black reusche black trace - its nice and black - I mix with clove oil to a ink consistency and use a pen nib to get the fine details - you can use a paint brush too ! using frit and powder works the similar I just like the black I get from the reusche enamel - you can mix any of the glass frits or powders with water or another binder that burns off and leaves the powder in the position you painted it on in the thicknesses you want - Anne Nye does it with a pallette knife and I lover her work - bu this way it gives me the ability to paint exactly what I want - you can trace over any picture - I should do another how to and show how alos to do the shading where you brush away a layer of painted on powder to give the shadow effect - I learned this from classes with J Kenneth leap - if you look him up when I lived in the states I used to go weekends in the winter as it was on the way to the shore -

  3. I didn't see your reply earlier ... usually I get them forwarded to me. Thanks so much for your lengthy and informative post!!!