Boron Nitride Spray for Fusing Molds

I love my Premo primer ,  I love my fiber shelves -  I have used molds with the primo primer and it works well - but over the years I have not been fusing  with molds  a product came out called Boron Nitride spray - that you spray a thin coat onto your stainless steel and your ceramic molds  - I have never tried it but it looks like so many people are using it so I decided to get some -
When I purchase items like this I figure out  where I can get it  with shipping cost - then figure out  the qty to make the  shipping value worth it etc   - to buy 1  and have the freight cost be ethe same as buying 12 then I'll invest on getting 12 -   I bought a case -  (finally another item made in Canada) since made in Canada freight was not so bad and the price was right !  M K Impex is the mfg of the Lower Friction brand of the Boron Nitride Spray

It arrived yesterday

I have been inventorying my molds - of which I have quite a number of - after going through them -  then realizing I am still mising some - bottle slumper, large split leg slumper and a big square plate slumper - I've looked all over and cant find them - I know I bought them - I know I saw them  when I moved them up to the studio -  now I just have to find wher I may have tucked them into ......


  1. I have tried the Boron Nitride spray on my ceramic molds. I purchase only one can and I am glad I did. I followed the instructions. My glass project did not release from the mold. I am going to try the product again but I would not recommend using it a favorite mold.

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering how your testing went with the Lower Friction brand of Boron Nitride Spray. I can't get the recommended Boron Nitride brand, but this Lower Friction brand is available locally. I want to use it on frit molds. But I only have the one mold and this will be my first try using it so I'm afraid to risk the mold with a spray that won't work.

    Any advice?